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Here’s a Quick Way to Get Started with Delta Blues | Tuesday Blues 130

In this lesson, we’ll have a look at a Delta Blues style tune in E that will help you get the basics of the style down. Plus, you’ll pick up a few cool licks and a sweet little turnaround.


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  1. Alejandro Marin

    The most beautiful music style at the world!

  2. Would be nice if you had some close ups and slowed down a little. Your intro was nice and short though. You could also explain to beginners how you mute a bass note.

  3. Thanks for the lesson. I like watching and listening. Sometimes it seems tab is a false crutch. Learn to keep that base steady by only playing a very few of the upper notes, then gradually add them in. Like a previous comment, I am a bit confused with the 13 measures.

  4. Peter Thepanda

    Great Video! Just wish the buzz in the backround wasnt there. I think your amp is ungrounded mate

  5. Sorry I am from Germany this is all to fast for me !!

  6. you definitely do a great job slowly showing how your fingers move….and I do watch intently..to replicate…and as long as it just the music speaking..while your fingers are moving…..it all makes sense..
    ….however..and I’m sure its just me…but as soon as you start explaining each move….its too much…I cant ignore your voice and yet I really have very little understanding of what you are actually saying….but as I try paying attention to your vocal explanations…I completely lose the perception of whatever sounds your fingers are actually making…and in what sequence…and how the sounds change…..
    I guess its the old..ability to only focus on one thing at a time……specially when learning complex tasks..

    If there was a way I could just see your fingers move and hear the sound changing with the movements…while being able to turn off your simultaneous explanations….this is definitely what I would prefer…..fully realizing that I am likely one of the very few that probably feel this way.

  7. Hi thanks for the lessons, QUESTION. Can i use all you blues riffs together? IE one long bluesy tune?

  8. After being my daughter 48 years, baby girl now wants one of my guitars to learn to play. I think I might try starting her here. It's not as tricky as a "Pony Blues"…..Nice.

  9. beautiful , no bullshit no thrills,the essence of real music

  10. There is something miraculous happening here after persevering with this lesson for a few hours… my guitar now appears to be haunted by the ghost of someone who might actually be able to play a little! 😉

    I've only 'mastered' the first few bars, but there's enough there to experiment with and keep me amused for days. I look forward to building on this foundation thanks to your careful tuition. Thank you very much indeed!

  11. Russell Newton

    Great lesson but I'm looking at the length of your fingers and thinking, damn mine are as big as a infant.

  12. zarrouk frederic

    thank you tou you for the demo that allow me to do improvisation

  13. Rodney Campbell

    is this in standard tuning?

  14. what kind of guitar are you playing it has such a great tone? And the lesson is absolutely wonderful.

  15. CrasherXtreme xoxoxo

    cool turnaround. I dig your sound. Now i gotta make the scene! j.k.

  16. CrasherXtreme xoxoxo

    awesome! thank you. Picked it up with my ear. I guess that means I'm getting better. But, Am I wrong? I counted 4 beats per measure and counted 13 bar blues! Please count and correct me. But that was great lesson. Thank you

  17. Rock Star Landscape Design

    Loving playing the Delta blues, thanks to your great instruction, the thumb is finally doing as it is told.

  18. Much appreciated. I've played guitar for 45 years…however, I always learn something new. I got a lot out of this lesson…the few added notes, snap on the D string, half-sharpened G and the icing bits on the turnaround. For you young folks out there, it's the 'approach' more so than getting every note correct…especially in the Blues. Slow down and concentrate on rhythm. Its ok to be a bit sloppy on the chords. The precision will come.

  19. Thank you so much, brilliant but very difficult

  20. Not a bad lesson but not much explanation of what's going on. I'm sure it's to encourage people to buy the lessons for the tabs though.
    Unfortunately it's pretty frustrating to keep up with.

  21. What's this bullshit about a free mini course. Costs 54$. I don't like slick

  22. Thank You so much for teaching this. I Love The Delta Blues and have been wanting to learn in this style for a long time. You are a really good teacher and the video was clear and easy to understand. Thanks again.

  23. Good lesson bro'

  24. u have got a new subscriber here 🙂

  25. That Larrivée sure does ring out with sustain! I love it and your lessons are just great.

  26. The basic problem is that many of us who have been playing for years have developed some poor habits that are very hard to reverse or unlearn. Thanks for the tutorial and constant encouragement.

  27. TheChicagoTodd

    Very awesome!

  28. i feel like he's talking at the same BPM he plays guitar…

  29. YouTube Luthier

    Great video.

    I'm a cabinet builder. you can see my work here…
    I sometimes work with an amp builder named Ron Hatcher.
    Coincidence? Doubt it. Hit me up, he's selling off a bunch of interesting stuff right now.

  30. Alexander Vanadio

    Thanks for the lesson! I'm new to the genre and this was a lot of fun.

  31. Great! I was hoping to learn Delta blues from the whitest guy ever to live!

  32. Muito bom… é uma pena que aqui no brasil o pessoal não apreciam muito o blues mais eu amo e sempre amarei o blues kkkkkk abraços amigo

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