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Hero (Enrique Iglesias) guitar lesson for beginners (www.tamsguitar.com)

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  1. Kichu jokhn suru korben.. Jene neben puro lyrics ta.. Sorry sorry sunte sunte khei hariye gali.. Bhalou bajan.. But ei jinis ta khryal rakhun.

  2. Can you add fingerstyle lesson for hero? (With melody)

  3. Thanks for making this! You're a great teacher!

  4. Really helpful sir…
    Thank you very much..

  5. Wow ..superb method of teaching

  6. I wanna say just wow

  7. no one is going to dance if you ask like that 😀

  8. Lala saw you crying 😂😂😂 5:00

  9. sounds so cool yr..😍
    but im such a shit in changing chords😫

  10. Dr Lakshmi Kamal

    Thanks so much…….
    Thanks a million……
    That was a great help…..

  11. hey I'm a beginner and a bought a cheap guitar from Amazon to practice but it doesn't sound good down the fret board like after 5 6 frets is because of strings?

  12. great

  13. Daniela Tomovska

    Arghhh hate the adverts >:O good tutorial tho

  14. Wow crazy stuff

  15. Obaidullah Ahmad

    Thank you very much I would really appreciate it if you do some more legendary songs like this

  16. Amenan Couboura Sidiki

    very good man it helped me a lot pleaseb keep uploading more videos

  17. its great sir…i request can you post how to play the song ( Who Am I to Stand in Your Way Chester see)..

  18. What kind of guitar is that

  19. Ericka Marie Victa

    Thank You Very Much for Guitar Lesson 🙂

  20. really thanks <3 <3

  21. Please I have a question regarding the chord changes after the up strum in chorus. Do you have to hold the chord down for the up strum and change the chord after when playing the down strum or do you release just before the up strum and change the chord in time for the down strum because it is hard to change the chord after the Up strum in both strumming patterns. Please clarify. I tried watching this video while pausing and it seemed like you change the chord during the up strum which if find easier and also sounds better.


    সুন্দর….. ব্যাপক……
    কিছু খুব পরিচিত বাংলা ব্যন্ড এর গান এর lesson করুননা please…
    ভাল পরিচিত গান গুলোর তেমন কোনো lesson নেই….
    যেমন ফসিলস এর — বন্ধু হতে পারিনা,
    বা বধূরে ক্যাকটাস……. ধন্যবাদ

  23. Thanks for another superb tutorial. Can you please upload the tutorial for let my Love open the door from 40 year old virgin.

  24. what is the kind of the guitar please ??

  25. what's the meaning of using e minor when you are not plucking 5 & 4th string

  26. please see my comment

  27. can you please teach sona mohapatra "bolo na " intro and chords….. please

  28. please share the details of your guitar! Thanks.

  29. so Simple yet So Amazing
    thanks mate:) good Tutorial!

  30. আপনার কাছে শিখতে খুব ভালো লাগে….

  31. very well taught! thanks 😀

  32. hi dear can you guide me the chords and tabs of song alabo by Enrique.i need to learn

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