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How to buy your first acoustic guitar – 10 Tips


  1. Saphalta Shrestha

    Thanks! For me that was very helpful. I started out in a small guitar like you have there amd I'm planning to get a new one. So, yeah. Keep on playin

  2. hey. willing to buy an acoustic electric guitar which will be my first one. is it alright if I order them online. Also, as I dont know how to play guitar, can I buy it based on what guitar people prefer in tutorials on youtube? thanks.

  3. SovanSHF // SkyHighFighter

    I wanna ask a question : I have a budget of $85 and I got a scholar ship fee of 100$ and I wanna ask, is $185 good for the whole set like guitar, Capel and a bag for the guitar? Thanks if you answered this question.

  4. Thanks Israel!

  5. Thanks bro! Very useful video 🙂

  6. noob question, what is strap?

  7. Eric jay Federizo

    yeah right.. absolutely that Gibson's hummingbird sounds really good but much expensive to my budget.

  8. sir what is the best guitar from this two ( yamaha or Ariapro)

  9. thankyou sir .i wish to buy my 1st guitar this video helps me alot .

  10. Just another thought, when I'm trying to decide on a new guitar, besides playing the different choices, I get someone in the store to play them too and always try acoustic/electrics through a good acoustic amp.

  11. Thanks Man! I've been playing for a while now and though what you are sharing is stuff I know now, I'm glad to see someone helping the beginners.

  12. Thank you

  13. Thank you so much dude

  14. you look like a nice guy. thank you for the tips!

  15. Thank you for this. I already bought one , but its fucking crap. I would like to get an acoustic/electric, some good points, thanks.

  16. Thank you for this! I had already purchased one, but it will not be my last. It came with only one strap button so I was able to get another one installed at Guitar Center for 20 bucks. I hope State Farm is sending you good kick backs because when I get a more expensive guitar I am going to State Farm.

  17. these tips were veryy helpful thank yoo 🙂

  18. is it okay to buy it online?

  19. well brother thank you for all the tips

  20. Why does the salvation army have military ranks? This 20-year combat vet is confused.

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