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How to Buy Your First Guitar


  1. My first guitar my mom bought of Amazon for $130?



  3. I'm a beginner and I was simply wondering if the distance between the guitar strings differ from one guitar to another. I bought a guitar off of my friend not too long ago, and I'm having a really hard time avoiding dead notes because my fingers are so damn wide. Even if I fret with the tip of my finger like you're supposed to, I still end up hitting the very next string. So, I'm hoping that somebody will be able to give me the run through of the technicalities with the distance between strings, measurements, etc. Thank you. 

  4. Thank You Sir – Very informative. I am a beginner. Still finding info along with price to get that special acoustic guitar. Still confused with the Classical and Bass guitars. What's the real difference in this? I have small fingers. Will the nylon strings be good for me or the steel strings? I have tried both as my fingers hurt. I know its sounds silly yet is there a way to protect my finger tips or make them tough or do I use some sort of tape etc. Thank you.

  5. if i hv big hands should i look for special acoustic guitar with wider nut width like 1 13/16

  6. I thought you were an American???

  7. creativeguitarstudio

    Thanks, glad the presentation helped you. – Andrew

  8. You tell it like it is – ie. like a customer not a salesperson. Ur right; all other videos i saw are trying to sell a brand, very basic information meant for bare bones beginners and not meant to educate, just to sell. You go that extra mile. I'm more of an intermediate player, and I still found this video very helpful! thank you

  9. from squier classic vibe and up you get great guitars for a small amount, if you want a wee better quality then buy mexican fender. if you abuse the fender trem, then buy a kramer pacer classic or ibanez s570

  10. Just buy a damn mexican stratocaster!!!!

  11. i want to get a fender starcaster strat and amp kit as my first electric guitar and wanted to know if it would be a good starter.

  12. Thank you for this down to earth approach Andrew. Appreciate the finer points, and without the
    hype found on other YouTube guitar-buying clips.
    Informative, clear, well thought out ! 5 stars!.

  13. creativeguitarstudio

    Yeah, by all means. Thanks for watching and for linking too. All the best! – Andrew

  14. Great video Andrew! I came across your site after creating a blog about Picking A Guitar using a creative approch. If you don't mind I'm going to link this view to my blog. Great info!

  15. There are acoustic guitars with pick ups.

  16. although i havn't bought a guitar yet, I was given a washburn dime signature guitar

  17. Good information Sir, thank you.

  18. I got a Seagull s6 from my art teacher for 200$ sounds great too. 🙂

  19. Whatever you buy, make sure the string height is properly setup. This is very critical for beginners!!!

  20. Dude I just applied, how much time befored they called you ??

  21. Why is it whenever you see a guitar studio there always seems to be a dodgy looking rug…….

  22. My first guitar was a steel stringed fender squire….I still have it,it's great 😀

  23. Fender, Washburn, Gibson, PRS.

  24. my first was a warped peice of shit acoustic from the salavation army lol. now i play an epiphone les paul though

  25. @jhrejhmjhr Yeah, my friend has one

  26. Firstname Lastname

    @jhrejhmjhr No.

  27. what if you want a guitar that gives you best of both worlds something that combines a acoustic and electirc in the right way, is there a guitar like that?

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