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How To Choose A Guitar (electric or acoustic) What Guitar Should You Buy?

In this video, I talk about the different types of electric and acoustic guitars, whats available and how they sound. I offer some advice on products, but for more on that- check the website.

PLEASE NOTE – I do not know what guitar you should buy, so please don’t email me to ask. All I can offer is advice, but you might like to check out my recommended products for beginners too!


  1. I have that exact electric guitar lol

  2. I have a question, I wondered if you've ever heard of Sawtooth acoustic guitars? My have a acoustic with solid spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides. I got it on Amazon along with accessories for a little over $100.00, it's a beginner guitar and I do love it. I just wanted to know what you thought about it and if you'd ever heard of it. The first thing I did was have it restrung with better lighter strings. Also I wanted to tell you that I really like your videos, I've learned so much already. Thank you.

  3. Les paul creator is gay cause les paul is shortened for lesbian paul

  4. Still money though?

  5. "which is this one"

    doesn't put a picture


  6. I am 15 years old and I like to learn guitar. Am I too old to study it?? can I able to study it? please help.

  7. I have a black ashland guitar

  8. Which one good acoustic or electric guitar please tell me I am confused

  9. very helpful, thank you

  10. ive heard that theres good sigma budget guitars

  11. anyone can point me in the direction?

  12. I bought a electric guitar to begin with -.-

  13. should i bought epiphone inspired texan 1964?

  14. I remember walking into Sam Ash, young and foolish, I did no research. I picked up a guitar that was not only a great price, but that looked beautiful, the perfect idea of what a guitar should be. It was the incredible Yamaha FG730. I got lucky. My guitar chose me.

  15. I really like Jackson Dinky guitars for their nice heavy sound

  16. Thanks Andy for this…it helped me a lot

  17. not choosing my first guitar. I own a ibanez strat gibson lp and 4 acoustics. should I get a fender tele gibson/epi sg or fender strat and I want to spend about 600 bucks. what should I get?? I might even gonna get a couple harley bentons that are about 200 each..

  18. Carlos Juan Sipin

    I'm 15 and I on the Acoustic, I play descently not that great but not that bad either. I'm kinda rusty as of now because my first guitar broke its neck and I wasn't able to repair it anymore.

    I'm kinda wanting to buy an Electric (Les Paul's are so sexy), I was so attracted to the electric because of Blues type of music. I always wanted to learn Blues and I am planning on saving money to buy one.

  19. Should I purchase a better quality guitar since I've been playing for about 7 years and that I believe that getting a guitar of better quality, will improve the sound and experience?

  20. slash and jimmy page are like the biggest non payed brand ambassadors for the les paul

  21. i got an acoustic 2 weeks ago. got an electric 6 days ago. i like that i can take the acoustic anywhere and play, and i like how i can hook my electric up to my interface and have unlimited tone possibilities. the acoustic was $30 from craigslist and the electric was $50 from craigslist, and i got a Focusrite Scarlett from a pawn shop for $50. I havent been bored all week haha

  22. i feel as though you should start with an electric guitar. My teacher had students that started with acoustic and their finger started bleeding and quit. The electric should just be for practice in the beginning (for as you probably wont play gigs on your first day), and transitioned toward the acoustic later as you get better

  23. if your worried about your fingers hurting, stop being a pussy, we all go through it.

  24. why didnt you play a song on the guitars to show the diffrence? just curious

  25. Hi Andy
    what do you do if you have very thick fingers?

  26. I got both, in between my writing, I like to occasionally pick up the guitar and have fun. I say it depends on the mood I'm in. Sometimes I feel that a good old fashion acoustic is all I need. Of course, when I really want to rock out hard, I grab my electric guitar. I think brands are just nothing but labels, as long as the guitar looks, feels, sounds good and is comfortable for you then who cares what brand it is.

  27. I think i heard "19 dollars" for a acoustic guitar and i'm like "Dude, wtf" 'cause i payed almost 1000 BRL for mine.

  28. If you want a beginner guitar that will accomodate you even when you go intermediate, I highly recommend Yamaha, they sound and feel great while being more on the affordable side.

  29. I Can't Remember My Own Pets

    So basically, the songs I know, I need both but this will help you hopefully:
    Rag n' Boneman-Acoustic
    Pop/Hip hop-Any

  30. long story short acoustic soucks and im wasting my time playing an acoustic thinking im bad when i dislike acoustic and only learn to play an ec later…. going to the guitsr shop now ;-;

  31. I started on the electrical guitar

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