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How To Play Bass for SUPER Beginners


  1. Hey everybody, thanks for watching and making this my most popular video to date! My teaching has evolved a lot since I made this video over 5 years ago, culminating in my new 30+ hour course, Beginner to Badass. It includes everything you learned in this video and way way more – check it out! http://joshfossgreen.com/b2b

  2. gaming josh bruno

    Good now I now how to play bass

  3. Do u always need an amplifier

  4. Antisocial Elephant

    I know everyone is going to get mad,but this is bassicly easier version of guitar

  5. Precited the info.. im a beginner

  6. "Fingering technique"

  7. Perfect for a beginner like me. Thanks

  8. Nice job. Tebow, nice to see you're letting your hair grow out for baseball.

  9. I have big fat dumb fingers. I wish my left hand was Shelob, like yours.

  10. What about for people who don't know what a bass is??

  11. Thank you so much! Very helpful.

  12. When you actually started playing I died. It was awesome

  13. Dimitri Tchaikovsky

    I play tuba, Trombone, and Baritone so I figured I'd move away from the low brass instruments and try a new kind of bass

  14. Enjoyed this, I have to agree that learning is important but for me trying different things aka doodling is a heck of a lot of fun.

  15. X Freddy Flores Jr X

    OMG I have just fallen in love with the bass I am so excited to get my own

  16. mikey way brought me here

  17. I get it bassic

  18. hey josh thanks for a great video.

  19. Very impressive but can you…..
    Shit not again

  20. Some sound advice B) thank you kindly

  21. I've been taking the B to B bass course and am getting a lot from it. Even though I had experience playing a bass, I never had any proper teaching. I was self taught. My technique was crap. So I'm learning from scratch and all from Josh.

  22. wtf my bass has 5 strings not 4

  23. I had a bass advertisement before this video.

  24. Keep making video

  25. This really cool I'm wanting to start a band and I'm bass so this so cool

  26. Sid Vicious could've used this YouTube tutorial in 1977

  27. I cant hold all fingers at one time for the lower notes….although I can play them individually by slightly moving my hand.It looks like you have longer fingers. Also my finger pads are very sensitive and was wondering how long it takes to develop calusses? Nice video though, and like your general philosophy about playing and experimenting.

  28. Your video helped me to get comfortable and creative with exercise patterns. Thank you! I'm enjoying it a lot more. My goal to have fun, so, that was very helpful.

  29. Bless

  30. this is really BASSIC ha get it. basic. Bass yos mon

  31. the "bass"ics lol

  32. what type of bass is that in the video?

  33. Spider Hands, spider hands (to the tune of the Spider Man tv show theme…). I'm starting teaching as a multi instrumentalist, and I can't see how it's possible to teach fully online. I've had drums 9 years, and my coach was just here for Chicago's Beginnings, because it's insanely busy. Online wasn't going to cut it there without making sure I was up.on my technique, which you can't really see online well. We usually do online lessons if I'm not entirely lost on the song…

  34. I want to be able to play feel good inc

  35. What's the skype?

  36. Mike Dirnt anyone?

  37. I love the bass guitar but what sucks is that most bands block out the bass in their music and you can only hear the guitars and drums

  38. very good

  39. I just had a jam session with my roommates today (we all play instruments) and I decided to switch off from guitar to bass today just to sort of try it out. I always digged rumbling tone of the bass guitar, but I never actually took the time to pick one up. Long story short- I had a BLAST playing bass. I actually decided to start putting some money aside to save up and buy one.

  40. Hi I've been wanting to play bass for awhile, but my hands are really small. I heard there are "compressed" basses where the frets are closer together? Would that affect the sound quality and range I could play?

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