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How To Play Bass Guitar – Lessons for Beginners – Open Strings


  1. I'm looking for a drummer in my band anyone?

  2. Excellent drill for the plucking hand and

  3. "You didn't learn how to speak in one day". What a great quote from an amazing lesson. Thank you so much! Totally subbed.

  4. Guitar Chops Free

    Good lesson. I love the sound of bass. While I am predominantly a guitar player, I have to lay down my own bass lines for the lessons and compositions I create. I'm always working on becoming a better bass player.

    TrueFire is a great resource for learning. I've purchased many lessons from you over the years. I still have a CD set called Jazz Uni that I bought many years ago for guitar. It improved my Jazz playing significantly.

    Thanks TrueFire!

  5. That was dope! Can't wait to add bass to my music!

  6. Experienced with guitar new to bass. This is a very helpful drill. Thank you.

  7. Here is a link to great Bass Method book that teaches bassists how to
    play like all the old master bass heroes! Which is understanding notes
    under the chord changes and moving with those changes!

  8. I was gonna send this to my drummer who just took up bass but I think he's got the timing already LOL

  9. good

  10. good stuff

  11. Great lesson. Great explanations.

  12. Jacobson da silva

    barney flistone

  13. I can't help but notice that the person who made this video looks like stu hamm bassist for Joe satriani

  14. Strange Slaves & Masters


  15. these are great instruction videos for bass and guitars.

  16. Thank you very much! It's very helpful. Don't forget to drink water. Voice sounds very thirsty.

  17. cliff burton playing for 'whom the bell tolls' brought me here

  18. Super easy…..but I already know how to read bass clef lol
    I play baraitone in Symphonic band

  19. Love the lesson, but I can't stop looking at that shirt…

  20. Please ditch the annoying ads.

  21. I play guitar but I wanted to branch into bass , I don't think it will be that hard since I have gained dexterity from acoustic

  22. Thank you for this tutorial, i find it much more help full then most as it is more direct.

  23. Links fixed!

  24. Markenson Moranvil

    links dead

  25. If you where to go to a music studio
    and play a bass for the first time as I'm working on a song on garageband but want to make a remaster 
    but don't have a bass guitarist but can play guitar
    so if I use a pick to play the bass
    would it be the same playing the notes

  26. wish i could find a bass lesson that didnt assume i already knew anything about a bass guitar…and no i dont mean a lesson on what the different parts of a bass are called.

  27. COOL TUTORIAL!!!!!!!!!!!11

  28. You, sir, get a THUMBS UP and a SUBSCRIBE from me! This is EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you!

  29. This. This is for beginners? OMFG. <slits wrists>

  30. Stuart Hamm!thanks for the lessons

  31. Does anyone know what bass guitar is he using?Both jazz pickups plus a p-pup!! WIN WIN!!

  32. Oooh bass uses tab too? Thats nice

  33. Guns n Roses for Life

    Duff McKaggan is my favourite bassist

  34. nice even strokes (:

  35. Excellent

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