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How to Play Jingle Bells on Acoustic Guitar – Easy Beginner Guitar Lessons



  1. America Montiel

    Love it
    My little boy saw your video
    His a beginning to play the guitar,
    And he is trying to learn jingle bells with your videos

  2. Merry christmas to everyone who's watching this . happy 2018

  3. Ppl complain about you playing it fast or explain chords but it shows the chords and beginner guitarists should know to learn basic chords first before trying to play a song.It will be so much easier for them.

  4. thanks it helpt me

  5. do you want support you?
    I have an albanian channel.

  6. 123frostygaming

    Stupid not typis

  7. 123frostygaming

    I know this is typos but who else here's it and says this is to hard I'll try it tommorow to make themselves fell better

  8. ure too lovly <3

  9. Old Marty baked AF

  10. Daniel Fernandez

    Thx this will help a lot

  11. I wanted to see other people play this but my book explains it better

  12. can u please tell struming also

  13. Marty u r an awesome teacher I have been looking for strumming and what word to switch chords on the thx so much. My husband bought me ur DVD sets

  14. ur bad ass as always Marty!

  15. thanks

  16. Thank you so much I just subbed!

  17. Mapalit na ang PASKO gusto ko ng Christmas song let's try this … Philliphines language

  18. Bro love u alot.. U helped me alot through beginning… I have learned everything from your lessons…Thanks alot my man..I appreciate it bro…
    Thanks for everything

  19. The actual lil pump jetski

    me and my friends are gonna do a punk version of this

  20. Hey Martin! You are a funny dude.

  21. thanks btw good singing

  22. William Macintosh

    This was very helpful I was able to play jingle bells to my grandma

  23. dontrythisathome

    me too. another problem solved exactly a year later. you the man. come see me up in Vista some time….

  24. thx for helping me learn this song Marty.U know iplay this on the streets of Belfast now

  25. OR you could do B,B,B B,B,B B,D,G,A C,C,C,C C,B,A,A BBB BBB BDGA CCCC …

  26. CountryGuitarist11

    haha this must be an old one

  27. thanx .I am an begginer and I could learn this very fast thanx a lot

  28. Marty solving mt problema in record time =]

  29. Not for beginners when you don't explain chords

  30. not verry help ful since i have to play this tommorow why u going so fast yo

  31. Tamarac Elementary

    thx i learned this song in the mater of an hour thx man your the best

  32. Marty, do you have lyrics& cords for beginners.

  33. Love the way he teaches this with a led zep t shirt on rock n roll


  35. marty ,i cant find a tutorial by your good self ,on silent night,whaaaasuuup?

  36. I think the Refrain should be G-C-G-A7-D-D7

  37. Awesome! GOD BLESS YOU, brother!

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