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How to play Let Her Go by Passenger – Easy Acoustic guitar Lessons

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here’s a nice beginner lesson on how to play “let her go” by passenger. I hope it helps

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  1. Jerico Betchavez

    Hi idol can u show how to play I'm not leaving by uncle cracker

  2. You are so funny and I love ur lessons!

  3. more easy pleace

  4. You talk to much then you give lesson

  5. I can't. But. I. REALLY. Want 🙁

  6. John Bennedict Torda

    Do i strum all the string throughout the whole song?

  7. Still dont get the strumming pattern

  8. Fantasy Fangirl

    Wow, this was so helpful! Thank you!

  9. Arkitt Martinez

    Is there any way I can ask you 10 questions on how you make a tutorial. Please it's for a school project

  10. Abishek Pangambam

    I m trying but couldn't becoz i m drunk

  11. Preston Garvey

    Been trying to bar chord for 3 years and still can’t use middle finger while index is barring

  12. Best tube channel of all time👍👍

  13. Thank you very much bro, I from Indonesia🙋🙋

  14. I hate bar I'm so shit at it lol

  15. Tan Thinh Hyunh

    can you help me with "the show – lenka", please?

  16. Whats the strumming pattern?

  17. Thx gutar Jam

  18. His stupid talks ends in 1:30 . You're welcome

  19. Good Job Keep up the great work

  20. Hey buddy are you related to Billy Joe Armstrong. you look alike 😀

  21. Big fan of this song. I fgi

  22. Chris Papanick

    No matter how much times i try…

  23. Zero2Legend Garrett

    Lost in love by AS

  24. Rajendra Joshi

    Someone, please help me with the strumming pattern that he does!! With the spaces..

  25. what is the strumming pattern ?

  26. Benjamin Lalbiakhlua

    i like your guitar

  27. amazing lesson.

  28. your tutorials are a bomb sir!🙌

  29. ritim
    çok hızlı mesaj olarak yazarmısın ben yeni başladım….

  30. Brother would you pls…do a guitar lesson on owl city-Not all heroes wear cape pls…pls…pls….WITHOUT CAPO

  31. very hard

  32. Alfredo Joseph

    i hope with practice i can play this music 🙂

  33. Blythe De Leon

    I cant understand the strumming pattern. can someone help?

  34. help i don't understand it

  35. my guitar sounds nothing like this ;-;

  36. sir you're cool….
    makes the lesson easy ..
    thnxxxx sir ..

  37. Hi, very nice sharing. Could I ask you to visit our profile too?

  38. Can't we change Bm??😭

  39. very nice

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