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How to play Perfect by Ed Sheeran – Guitar Lesson Tutorial Acoustic

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In this guitar lesson tutorial, we’re going to learn ow to play Perfect by Ed Sheeran a wonderful old school style ballad that’s sure to be played at weddings for many years to come!

Big thanks to Salena Mastroianni for coming in for the mini cover in the intro! More: https://www.facebook.com/salenamusic/


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  1. Great lesson. Thansk. If you have the time. Could you make A lesson White Indigo Girl – Watershed played like Mighty Marc acoustic cover

  2. Really amazing what you do with just a handful of chords. Thanks for sharing. Oh, keep up the good work. I see you use a clip-on tuner, can you comment on the method you use to tune the guitar.Thanks in advance.

  3. Dick Dastardly

    Was just watching the Elton John: I'm Still Standing- A Grammy Salute and noticed Eddie Boy is playing a NEW Divided guitar and it Was Not a Martin. I couldn't get a good look at the name on the headstock, anyone know what brand it is?

  4. Vanoss gaming 112 Wright

    Perfect 👍🏻

  5. Kent Lie Channiago

    you are the best

  6. Nice voice love

  7. Great lesson Justin keep up the good work

  8. I love these little cover you always do at the beginning of each of your tutorial 😍😍

  9. I also have a habit of putting pick in the mouth while using fingers to play

  10. tearsdontfall14

    She sucked him off afterwards!

  11. tearsdontfall14

    Stop with the yousician shit.

  12. Jeovanni Resus

    Very good tutorial ever !you know bro i learned a lot from you like unchain melody ,wonderful tonight etc. thank you by the way im a filipino.

  13. Thanks Justin

  14. Great lesson. Nice song. Beautiful performance by both of you….but um…do you guys hate each other? Bad vibe.

  15. Sub_Rosa Kreativ

    Thanks again for a great tutorial. The best songs often need just a few simple chords to make a mega selling classical tune (e.g. Lady in Black). Perfect is a good song to practice simple or advanced fingerpicking techniques. As a picking Newbie I found a pattern for myself that is bass note/e/b/g/e/b/g/e (leaving pinkie and ring finger at their place all the time through all chords). But I guess there are several picking patterns that fit fine. Again thanks Justin for being a such inspiring and motivating guitar teacher over years!

  16. Excellent lesson but you lost me completely when you started the plectrum picking part Ahhhhhhhh

  17. Could you please please please teach slash and Myles Kennedy song not for me in chord of d# I’m struggling a little bit with a few chords

  18. Julieanne Cook

    Nice one 😊

  19. Thanks Justin. Another great tutorial.

  20. Tim Fitzpatrick

    Justin you are the best teacher on the net !!!! You are so awesome!!! I would love to meet you some day..I dont suppose you ever get up to Ontario Canada eh? lolololo I am married and I am an old fart but…if you ever get up this way would love to meet you and jam a few chords with you perhaps on my boat….cheers, Tim

  21. This is such a good song to learn. Thank you, Justin!!

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