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How to Play – She Talks to Angels by The Black Crowes – Guitar Lesson – Tutorial – Acoustic

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Been re-visiting my Black Crowes music and remembering the stylings of this classic tune!! It’s in “Open E” tuning which is EBEG#BE thx for the support!!!

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How to play she talks to angels by the black crowes


  1. Click here for our Free Beginner chord and Scale Book is is Awesome http://www.guitarjamz.com/new_requests/

  2. Wow. That's so cool. My entire guitar repartois is limited to one chord: G. But what I've suprisedly discovered is that it is easier for me to play it on a 12 string than a six. Is this a fluke, or just luck ? I discovered this MANY years ago. And thought I would buy a 12 string, and take lessons. But, to my disappointment, I was STRONGLY discouraged by many over the years, many being 12 string players. In fact, I couldn't even get anyone to give me a lesson, even with cash! I was told that it would be too hard, that I should start with a 6 string. I tried, but my heart just wasn't in it. So I failed miserably.
    I just stumbled on to your page, while listening to every version of SHE TALKS TO ANGELS(Blake Shelton's is REALLY good). So, would give me your opinion? I've got pretty thick skin, so please don't hold back. And I WON'T unsubscribe to your page, heh heh! I'm retired now, and bored to tears. I love all kinds of music(for real). Got to find something to do. I love to learn guitar, and I've bought and sold several 6'ers, so, please tell me one way or another. Is it possible to begin on a 12, or am I pissin' in the wind? Thanks in advance! 🎸🎼

  3. TURBOCAST Channel

    Just learned it!!! Been waiting to get this one done!! Thank u Marty !!!!😎👍

  4. Andrew Lindberg

    Hey Marty my name is Andrew and I was wondering if you could teach me how to play old time rock and roll that would make me feel like I need you to be my friend as a guitar player

  5. Awesome lessons, my mind hears it but my fingers just won't do it!

  6. Do you think alternate tuning is hard on the guitar?

  7. Martin GPCPA4R ?

  8. Marty, you… are… the… man!

  9. Awesome lesson. I am a returning guitar player (10 year break) and its great to see videos like this. By the way is there really a right way to hold a pick or is it just personal preference? From the very start I trained myself to grab the pick by placing it on top of my index and middle finger pointing straight out horizontally with those fingers then pressing on top of it with my thumb. So all three fingers are like horizontal with the pick in the middle. I have had some people make comments such as oh that is not the right way to hold it.

  10. Craig Holdefer

    Wish I had more a strings break

  11. Thank you SO MUCH for this! My fingers are bleeding now, but I can actually play this classic song! Also, what model guitar is that? I know its a Martin, and I love Martin & Co, but what particular model is the one you used to film this? It sounds incredible!

  12. One of my favorites bands too!!

  13. humbuckingstrat

    Unbelievable teaching and playing skills Marty !!! I can tell you have that type of patience that really makes a great teacher ! Excellent detail and explanation !! Thank you so very much ! Also , you may have already answered this , but what model is that Martin on this video ??? Thanx again !!!!

  14. one hell of a teacher wonder if they have teacher of the year on this channel you rock dude

  15. I want to say i watch you all the time i like the strumming the way you show it it sounds good.

  16. Good job marty shorts love that teaching the way you teach it

  17. Samantha Campbell

    What microphone are you using?

  18. Peter Lundgren

    Your Martins sings !!!

  19. Broken string. Oops

  20. Audrius Jonas Lukas

    You forgot to say that you don't need to strum all the strings on the big intro! I was struggling all day yesterday till I realized that 😀 other than that, the best tutorial, man!

  21. Would recommend if you don’t know what your guitar can take tune it to open d and capo down to open e some lower end guitars can’t take open e and it will tear the bridge off

  22. Marty be sizzilin on the Black Crowes

  23. Bruce Thrasher

    Thanks Marty! Absolutely love your stuff!

  24. Thanks so much for putting this up there. I have been playing for about 6 months and now after 2 days of playing this over and over with you I can now play the whole song. I still need to work on speed and clarity of sound but YAY I can play the whole song end to end.

    Thanks so much for putting this up, it is great to get such good clips to follow along.

    You are awesome!

  25. Marty Mcfly.

  26. David Stahlman

    Marty, if there was a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for guitar teachers, you would make it on the first ballot. Kudos and many thanks!

  27. You are awesome and I appreciate your tutorials so much!

  28. Thanks Marty. This song and you made me pick up my guitar again

  29. It does help when you count — your rhythm varies more on this lesson than others.

  30. Marty rocks.

  31. So glad I watched this. The tabs I found were dead wrong.

  32. One of your best performances Marty & tutorials cheers

  33. Nice lesson Marty! I'm normally adverse to alternate tuning, but with beautiful songs like this one, it's worth the extra effort. You do an excellent job, keep it up my brother.

  34. Theodore Tutor

    The guitar part is not bad, but honestly it's a horrible song..especially the singing, as with all Black Crowes.

  35. Sweet. Painful, but sweet. Thanks!

  36. Thank you.

  37. Just fantastic thank you so much, easy teaching was playing it in 20 min along with the mtv jam. Star m8

  38. Patrick Kammer

    Great teacher man. I got it down now. Thank you for all you've done for people.

  39. Genny Trickett

    I'm not getting this tuning thing right…figured the e has to be a high e…and the g is sharped and it sounds terrible..doing it by ear of course.. any suggestions…???

  40. Thank you. I've been strumming for years, jyst gaining rhythm but not knowing any songs. Your video got me going much quicker thanI thought possible. Keep up the great work.

  41. Ston'd off my azz thanks for slowing it down for me ✌🏻🙃

  42. Excellent Marty, Really cool song.

  43. Randol Clawson

    This helped a lot, it only took me maybe an hour and I just started playing guitar again

  44. I am a 52 year old guy that always wanted to learn guitar, never could seem to find the time, raising two boys on my own, time was a rare thing…thank you so much for making this finally happen, you are a great teacher and make things so very easy to absorb…thank you for helping me achieve a life long dream, you ARE the man!

  45. I know now how to play one song on the guitar thanks to you. Never played before and for Christmas my daughter got one of those discovery guitars, which I'm practicing on, and if it sounds great on this thing, I can't imagine an actual guitar. Thanks man.

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