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How to play Sweet Child O Mine – Easy Guitar Lesson (Intro)

Sweet Child O Mine intro lead guitar by Guns N Roses. Best suited learning on electric guitar, this lesson is designed for beginners to intermediates.

Cheers, Andy


  1. hey….where are the pickups on that guitar ? IT"S WITCHCRAFT !! EVIL !!

  2. Thanks mate. Just made the transition to electric. Man, love it !

  3. his head is wierd af?

  4. condensed version where it's only shown once. Difficult to learn from. The guitar should have been zoomed in on, beginners need to see the finger action

  5. WWE Figure Hunter

    The riff was a joke the Slash did but Adler thought it was a great riff so it got into the song

  6. I am now officially jimmy page, slash, noodle, and angus young

  7. Mysterious Laptop

    WHAT IS THE AMP SETTINGi have a fender

  8. Mysterious Laptop

    at 5:10 when you said 2nd finger on the 15th fret on the B, do you mean 3rd???

  9. whats with your hair???

  10. cant u play it on the 11th instead of twelfth

  11. Guitar Covers2048

    Thanks this song was super easy probably because I have. When playing for about 7 years now but thanks

  12. I'm a noob. so can anyone translate the whole g string e string and all that? I only know the strings by 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th.. 1st being the thinnest string and 6th being the thickest..

  13. Rayyan Benjelloun


  14. AMP SETTINGS (Marshall) on Stratocaster

    Reverb: 2/3
    Bass: 4
    Contour (Mids): 7/8
    Treble: 10
    Gain: 6
    Tone: 4/5
    Pickup: Neck

  15. Very cool Andy, thank you. Just a note on your tab – isn't the last note a B15 not B14 as shown on tab?

  16. Mate. The name of the song is "Unpublished Critics" by Australian Crawl.

  17. If you think you can't learn guitar Google Mark "Big Toe" Goffeney, born without arms he plays with his feet, watch & hear this man & throw away all your excuses, he is a true music inspiration!

  18. how do you play so clean? I get constant humming sounds after letting strings go

  19. you are the best 🙂 awesome lesson

  20. I'm only 9 you rock

  21. My friend, you speak very fast. It costs me English. Yours are Willy's affection from Argentina. Thank you

  22. what settings do you put your amp on to get that sound?

  23. Gibson sg?

  24. You are an legend!

  25. is the key D major?

  26. Links for backing tracks are broken.

  27. Pls give do re mi fa sol

  28. Only know how too play twist and shout three little birds and wild things????????????????????

  29. Great video, thanks for sharing.

  30. Hahahahahah woah we have the same guitar .m/

  31. No offence but those are some dank eye brows

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