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How to play the D Chord on Guitar (Beginner Course Level 2 01)

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  1. Thank you very much. Had trouble positioning fingers. I will be regular πŸ˜‰

  2. Hey his honest about the lines on your fingers.

  3. great vid, thank you!

  4. these lessons are perfect for me keep up the good work andy (Y)

  5. Thank you Andy. I always search for your videos for basic chords.

  6. Thanks so Much my Guitar teacher is telling us out song for this week and it was out first ever song and it was hold back the river and she told us GC 4 times G 4 times then She didn't tell us how to do D Thanks so muchβ™₯

  7. Awesome tutorials!

  8. Jai Mahadeshwar

    Thanks for the lessons

  9. Donncha Gleeson

    Thank you so much. Absolute beginner. Got it immediately after watching this video.

  10. Jason McElhaney

    Andy you are a great teacher. Your tutorials are clear and easy to follow. Now if I can just get my fingers to do what they are suppose to! You make it look so easy. Take care!

  11. I can't do that ring finger.

  12. Is it acceptable to put your thumb over the top onto the second fret to give an F# in the bass? I'm told I shouldn't do it and that it is cheating, but it does seem to be useful for some songs.

  13. is it ok for my palm to rest on the neck?😳gosh,this one is tricky

  14. I can't extend my third finger πŸ™

  15. do you recommend that I finish all your beginner's course first and then start practicing songs because honestly I'm not that fast when I'm switching from one chord to another chord … I'm losing my motivation πŸ’”πŸ’” even my strumming is bad πŸ’” gosh this is so hard

  16. argh!! it hurts!!! i am pressing too hard overexcited!!! πŸ™‚

  17. this guys great!

  18. i m vry hpy to hv a support as u..u r really a gud player

  19. E used to be hard for me thanks Andy for your tutorials

  20. Andy your a natural teacher of guitar! Me and my girlfriend usually have a laugh when learning to play guitar and you make it feel so natural, without you not sure if i'd still be learning to play guitar at all, hopefully we can jam sometime πŸ™‚

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