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How To Tune Your Guitar – Beginner Guitar Lesson #6

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Learning how to tune the guitar is an essential skill, because it gives you the ability to always sound your best when playing the guitar. There is nothing worse for your development as a guitarist than playing and practicing with an out of tune guitar. This guitar lesson is for beginners that want to learn how to tune a guitar by ear or how to tune with an electronic tuner.

With the advancement of mobile phones and other devices – it’s easier than ever to get your hands on a quality electronic tuner. However, it’s still very valuable to have the ability to tune a guitar by ear. Not only will this help you whenever you don’t have access to a tuner, but it will also help develop your ears.

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  3. HI Nate,

    Great lessons, I love them a lot. I had a concern as my Guitar's string G doesn't sound like G infact like a D or B on the tuner on my phone or electric tuner. What do u think could be the problem?

  4. hafizzuddin shamsul

    What kind of app tuner?

  5. thanks this really helped

  6. I have two question….
    How to tune the low E string in third step i.e. by ear method…
    What was the application you used in the ipad ?? Does this support in Android mobiles ??

  7. What is the app? I will give u a sub if u answer

  8. how do you tune the low e string by ear?

  9. Raphaelle Martinez

    Is there any way to figure out how the Low E string should sound like by plucking any strings from the guitar or is this something that you get familiar with and master as time pass?

  10. This 10 Year old Cant even do anything o.O

  11. Why not A442h?

  12. Get Fat Tuner on Android or iOS. Can't go wrong.

  13. You helped me tune my guitar and helped me know my notes, thanks

  14. I got frightened that the strings were going to come back and snap against my hand if they broke while tuning.

  15. marshad mohammed

    How often I should tune???

  16. whats the app called?

  17. Samuel lee Vallongo

    Cool tips another great tuning app is soundcorset it has tuning plus drum beats u customize beat and speed too.

  18. Sir,I'd just like to know if there is any concept of scale in the guitar.I am a piano player and I was just wondering that all the notes are gonna be tuned to a certain scale which would depend on how taut my first E string was,right?Will it make any difference?

  19. tuner for andriod phone?

  20. What is this apps name

  21. do you have any application in androde

  22. i dont kwow how to get good sound..i am not able to caught your video how you place strings

  23. I was tuning the guitar using guitar tuna app ….should I tune it in 4th fret or without any fret ?

  24. Eddie

  25. Thanks for this video. I've learned so much in 12 minutes!

  26. so fking hard 🙁

  27. What the name of this checking tuning app here you used ?

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