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How to Tune Your Guitar Without a Tuner For Beginners

In this quick lesson you will learn how to tune your guitar without a tuner. Hope you enjoy this beginner tutorial on tuning your guitar. If you found this helpful can you please share the love by liking the video, leaving me your comment below and sharing this lesson with your guitar buddies and friends? Thanks for watching.
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Thanks for watching this lesson on how to tune your guitar without a tuner. Hope you enjoyed it gang! Thanks for watching this quick and easy tutorial my friends!

See you in another video soon!

Keep up the practice.



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  1. Didn't really help

  2. E

  3. lol this is weird. Anyone here with a smart phone can simply download an app (FOR FREE) and tune the guitar. Yes its not the most perfect way to tune a guitar, if you're a begginer the chances are you won't notice the subtle difference. And its a million tiimes easier.

  4. Revathy Venkatachalam

    My daughter is learning how to play the guitar online with videos as she doesn't have time to learn it from a teacher and the videos rarely showed how to tune a guitar and this really helped her thank you so much

  5. thank you so much for this. my son 11 and I 37 were just given guitars for our birthdays. we are going to learn to play together.

  6. Shawna Mccracken

    I got a guitar today my grandma gave it to me


  8. Willow Ferstler

    thank u!!

  9. Steven Cochrane

    Damn my man coming in clutch. This is by far the easiest to use video

  10. malik boss prince

    JK lol

  11. malik boss prince

    I watched this video and I tried tuning mine and my e string the first one burst it just burst 2 mins ago

  12. Mairah. Pogenio

    thank u so much! my guitar wasn't sounding right, this helped me a lot!

  13. Luna Piano Tutorials

    The guitar hurt me. +1 dislike.

  14. Thanks for the lessons but I don't wanna nuter my dog

  15. Science side of YouTube -Also there’s cats

    My guitar is literally too big for meπŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚

  16. Maeyonnaisee Reyes

    Is it okay if a 12 year old girl play guitar? Like the big ones

  17. Maeyonnaisee Reyes

    I have a masa guitar i dont think that is the same sound?

  18. Thanks πŸ™‚

  19. are you stupid or what? do you really think a beginner will be able to tune a guitar by watching this video

  20. Omg thank you it sounds perfect

  21. Works wonderfully! Thank you!

  22. All my notes sound the same except no matter what I do the b sounds off I can't tell high or low just off and it's driving me up the wall

  23. I thought you were going to teach me how to memorize the pitches. Not just turn the knobs. I want to tune a guitar by EAR. Not by listening to a stupid video to memorize the pitches.

  24. Thanks very helpful

  25. Record Artist Dyan Villavicencio AH-YES-YES-YO!


  26. Keyboard Drunken Boxer

    How about do a video on how to tune a guitar without a tuner for someone who has never tuned a guitar and doesn't understand what tones it should be for a complete beginner

  27. The Emrock Sword


  28. Sheila Burchfield

    I just got my new guitar. Your instructions were soooo easy. Thanks so much.

  29. Are you Ryan Renolds uncle?

  30. Literally my first time picking up my guitar ever, and this helped. All tuned and ready to learn now. Thank you!!

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