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I BOUGHT A GUITAR! Vlogmas Day 1


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  1. فريال يخلف

    تتكلمي كتير يلي عربي ايك

  2. Oh you will want to get many more guitars after about 2 years of playing😂

  3. That's so cute! this is so cute! that would be so cute…

    Worst fucking vlog I've ever seen in my life.

  4. This shit proves, i will masterbate to anything

  5. Yes!! Love guitar!!

  6. I hope your doing vlogmas this year… and yess mayo is nasty 🙌🏾🙌🏾 #newsubbie can't wait to see more

  7. My name is chelsea im laughing

  8. how do I ask my mom to get me guitar lessons?

  9. I'm happy for u ♡

  10. Are you in porno?

  11. Courtney Penland

    what's the song playing in the background when she's talking about her guitar?

  12. you're my fav vlogger by far… 🙂

  13. i didn't watchd your vlogmas every day, because i wanted to have a little Claudia vlogmas marathon 😊❤

  14. Hey I'm also a new college vlogger! You should check out my Vlogmas and other college vlogs

  15. Chelsea Kirchner

    My name is Chelsea

  16. Aleksandra Alice

    As a Pole I find it so funny how you pronounce Marcin ;p

  17. Olivia Unnerstall

    her guitar skills are way better than mine and i had to take a class on it for 2 years

  18. Claudia I can relate! I asked for a ukele for Christmas!!! hahaha

  19. AverageCountryGirl Nikki

    Yeh your fingers will hurt, but eventually callus over, and it'll be nothing. You're such a natural! Picking it up so fast!
    Idk if you tried "F" this way yet or not, but there's an "F" that's just like "C", you just move all your fingers down one string. Hope this helps! 🙂

  20. Courtney Yearwood

    My mom always gets that white pine hand soap and I freaking love it it smells amazing

  21. Natalia Szylwańska

    How old is she?

  22. That was great for a day and a half of having a guitar


  24. i think it sounded pretty good considering you just started, but you are holding the plectrum the wrong way. you have to hold it sideways between your thumb and index finger, the "spikey" part of the pick has to show to yourself. so basically it has to lay on your thumb sideways. i dont know if it is understandable but just look it up and you will know what i mean.

  25. i new tge guitar was going to be too "warm-toned" for you lol

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