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I Walk The Line – Johnny Cash (Beginner Song Guitar Lesson BS-105) How To Play

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: I Walk The Line – Johnny Cash
More Info: http://www.justinguitar.com/en/BS-105-IWalkTheLine-JohnnyCash.php
In this very easy beginner song guitar lesson (Stage 1) we’re going to learn a simplified version of Johnny Cash’s I Walk The Line. How much fun can you have with just A, D and E? 🙂

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  1. Justin my friend you are one amazing Guitar teacher. I've started learning at a local music shop 25 years old. I started with lessons for a few years can't afford them. I came to your channel and I'm learning how to use chords. I wish I had money to donate maybe. Some day when I get a full time job I will give you some money. I'm 32 years old now trying to learn the guitar still. I hope I an progress using your methods. I hope I'm not the only adult learning to use the guitar. From Daniel Mauro. Thank you so much for your time effort teaching Me and other people the guitar. 🙂

  2. Did nice sing along

  3. Michael Koebnick

    Is there any chance you could do a tutorial on the song Mississippi Sand? Here's a link to the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zw3rVns6mFQ

  4. Frazer Brunton

    That second Strumming pattern is impossible to slow down without losing all sense of what it's supposed to sound like.

  5. Because you're E I walk the A. Absolutely beautiful 😢

  6. hey, i'm not fast enough to get the boom chaka strummin-pattern done, is there a way to train this, or any trick, is a pick needed, or is it possible to do it just with hands? it seems like i cant put the thumb in the right position for the upstroke fast enough :/

  7. Creepypasta master

    Thank you so much for your time Justin

  8. Strumming patterns are hard to make consistent. I got Justin's CD's and have ripped them to my Ipod, I use Headset in conjunction with metronome when practising. It is very easy to think you are keeping in sync, however using the metronome teaches you to listen and pay attention to rhythm especially strumming action. Practice is very important. Thanks to Justin, these song vid's make sure you are playing your chords correctly.

  9. Carolina Barbier


  10. Steven dugandzic

    I wasn't into the singing,I have to say,you're bloody terrific,cheers and happy Christmas.

  11. Michael Lindsey

    LOL,I thought this was one of your best singing songs and I can't tell you how stoked I am to be playing the simpler beginner pattern

  12. He makes it look so damn easy lol

  13. very great teacher. I spend a nice time trying to learn what you teach.


    i liked you video very helpful JustinGuitar Songs and CountrySongTeacher are the best on youtube when it comes to learning to play they make it easy to learn

  15. love your singing and lessons. Cash fan in San Diego. Trying to learn guitar.

  16. you don't sound like a johnny cash lol

  17. I keep the D out and put it in your A

  18. hi justin, i want to correct u if u don't mind, first chorus starts with B7 chord, when starting music ends on E chord then it goes to B7 chord

  19. Super helpful! Thanks for the great video!

  20. You look like Norm McDonald.

  21. please can you tell me where to put my fingers on the guitar for the chords because i have no idea, thanks.

  22. if ur going to play johnny cash song u have to play it with no chords u need the full experience

  23. Digging that baritone Justin!

  24. Korpulian Santos

    because you're E, I keep the A. (nice one!)

  25. Respekt.

  26. Justin you are amazing, you have helped me immensely. I always look to you to play and learn guitar. you are a God send my friend. Keep up what you are doing, I am one whose life you have made better, as I learn to play my passion of guitar playing.

  27. Christ, the voice 🙄

  28. Alexis Ramirez

    hello justin I always watch you from youtube. I´d like you teach me how to play the song: you are always on my mind by elvis plesley thank you

  29. gary macaskill

    very good,your one of the best

  30. can you do unfinished sympahy by massive attak pleaseee? )

  31. Roger O'Rielly

    Really love your instruction Justin! My wife gave me a guitar for Christmas and I've been practicing with you since then. My fingers hurt, but they're starting to toughen up and I've learned the A, D, and E chords with anchoring. It's only been two weeks so I'm trying not to be too hard on myself 🙂 I'm finding I have to look in the mirror to make sure I hit the right finger placement. Any way to remove this "crutch"? Should I just stop looking in the mirror and try to feel for the finger placement?

  32. you are a lord

  33. moistpapertowel

    Wheres the card?

  34. What guitar is that he's playing ? looks lovely and sounds even better.

  35. SomethingCool51

    so wait, when you're doing the bass chug thing and are holding the E chord, do you only hit the low e and A string for the base part, or do you play the full chord as well, after hitting the e string alone?

  36. Em? i'm playing with the E7 🙂

  37. Merci.

  38. great

  39. Great singing Justin!

  40. Tristan Clendenin

    i keep my d out… good job LOL

  41. Soul City Sawdog

    I walk the A!

  42. nice video man thanks for teaching me this song

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