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Iron Man Guitar Lesson – Black Sabbath – Ozzy – How to Play on Guitar – Rock

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  1. i love this music ..iron man rocks


  3. can't do the sliding thing

  4. Can you please make the solo video 😛

  5. Do The Solo

  6. Thanks Marty you helped me out out a lot over my few weeks of practicing my guitar I know 4 songs because of you but anyway thanks you helped me out a lot☺😉😅🙂

  7. I am the ice cream man! Running over fat kids with my van!

  8. you are a good teacher!

  9. SUPER!!!!

  10. I'm struggling to do this part 1:58 any tips??

  11. I just finished the riffs… it is time for the solo now! 🙂

  12. How do u make that sound on the brand of acoustic amps

  13. Pranjal Jharkharia

    when are you going to do solo

  14. Oh my les paul

  15. can iu teach us how to play Pariah by black sabbath

  16. It's hard for me to do the slide on 10/12 on acoustic

  17. I love your videos, you help me a lot but the songs I really want to learn you don't explain it enough.

  18. Its called the troposphere

  19. Watching in 2018, can you make a video on the solos

  20. Luv Marty but the. Single notes are played behind the number one spot B minor behind . Just like the lesson you gave about behind the G minor

  21. JonAllen McNamara

    Great lesson, Marty! Thanks!

  22. Guilty Conscience

    301 coment

  23. @Marty Music Please make the solo and ending video!
    It's really cool!

  24. I'm having trouble sliding from 10 to the 9 how can I improve it

  25. Wow, and by the way what is the name of the beautiful guitar?

  26. Meet & Rj Productions

    Pls do tutorial on fight like a brave by rhcp

  27. do we used to be friends dandy wortholes

  28. Do rockstar by Nickelback

  29. Or you can use a whammy bar

  30. Great video. Any chance you could do the solo (and outro) video please? Me and my daughter are going to learn this as our first full song.

  31. 643K subscribers, to date, Marty !! Yay, yahoo ! Ya know you gotta be doing something for the People, with those numbers ! Thanks ! I know you have helped me !!

  32. i have found the living god on youtube.

  33. It’s sounds better when played on the E string:

  34. Great instruction

  35. Jaco George Dippenaar

    Hey Marty, is there any chance we can get the acoustics version?

  36. Aniruddha Bishwakarma

    can u do snuff by slipknot?

  37. Solos Marty Solos! Thanks


  39. Tuning?

  40. You are amazing please just talk more about strumming

  41. xX Zach Attack Gaming Xx

    Do montley crud dr feel good

  42. This is the best tutorial ever!


  44. can you please make a solo video

  45. Why get youscision when you have Marty music

  46. Hey marty although i have bulky man hands theyre still really quite small and i find it hard to mute 🙁

  47. Can u make a lesson on the solo

  48. Jobert Washington

    sir whats the correct tuning of my amp and guitar?

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