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Learn All The Notes On Your Bass Neck – For SUPER Beginners!

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This video will quickly demystify the neck of your bass. Have you been wondering what the names of the notes are and where they are on your fingerboard? Here’s a really quick guide to understand where our note names come from, how they fit on the bass, and how to find any note fast.



  1. Just sent to a beginner looking for help with the basics… good job brother.

  2. This is very helpful. Thank you for sharing. I hope this information stays up on YouTube for years to come. You really open my mind to understanding the notes on my bass neck. What once look like a huge world of not understanding has became very small and easy to understand. I wonder why I make mountains out of mole hills.

  3. Thanks Josh! Very simple Very easy! Great video!!

  4. Thanks, that was well done.

  5. this is really helpful

  6. I dont even need the beginning cause i play piano.

  7. Robert all. Dawson

    Thank you, I've got this notion that if I play as fast as I can, when I play at normal speed it seems more clear ,and easier to play, is that OK.

  8. I do t even play bass yet, but damn this is so helpful, and instrumental music in school helps too

  9. Your a super good bass player and an amazing teacher and you know why you are a good teacher because your understandable

  10. Beauty. I'm also going to get my wife to show me queue cards with random notes and she can flash them at me, I'll play the note(s) and she can follow me on her own 'chart' to make sure I'm hitting the right fret/note!

  11. Well explained and demonstrated. You stayed focused and kept all the filler out. Well done man. Subbing for sure.

  12. Josh Fossgreen has really tried

  13. I noticed that my bass has 20 frets and yours I believe has 24 frets would there be a difference in the notes? I barely beginning myself

  14. Huckler Puckler

    Thank you very much for this! You are great at explainging this stuff.

  15. Wow!!! Supercool………..

  16. sir Josh i want to know the basic scale to play on every major/minor chords on the bass.. can you help me up please …

  17. Thank you!! I'm a 46 year old bass baby. Just getting started. I can't wait til I can pluck as fast as I type!! 🙂

  18. I dig your bass

  19. Josh Fossgreen why is there no E#/Fb and B#/Cb in the octave? I have searched for a straightforward answer but can't seem to find one.

  20. Thanks for this lesson, Josh! I wasn't able to find the 10 week beginners lesson you mentioned at the end. Is there another option you recommend?

  21. bro, I wish I discovered these videos when I just started playing bass!

  22. Love your videos man. just got my Bass last night and need some help haha. And tbh you kinda sound like Hamilton Morris.

  23. thank you Josh! I am middle aged and always wanted to play Bass. I never played before..Your videos rock. Thank You!! I can't wait to start.. Keep up the good work.

  24. Erwin Encinares

    Question: Is this also applicable for guitar?

  25. Cassivellaunus Honestus

    You're playing a 24 fret bass aren't you?

  26. Hey Josh, I'm a super beginner in bass and I just subscribed to your channel. Can I have your Skype ID to skype you

  27. Thanks Josh, this was very helpful to me man. you explained it so a moron like me could understand it………….

  28. I know this video is 4 years old but just wanted to say thanks dude.

  29. Do every string please

  30. Katherine Bastien

    very informative.Thanks

  31. yuvan kancherla

    Can you teach me how to play heatens bass

  32. Very good!

  33. Been looking for something to help me with this… and this vid and the method you prescribe seem to be working really good… Thanks… Subscribed…

  34. Thanks Josh I have you in my subs list you are my Ammo dude guys like you and Eric Blackmon are gems for us learners. Good stuff for sure.

  35. Michelle Ostmark

    you are really good at playing bass

  36. I've been mucking around with an acoustic bass for a year or so now and this tutorial was awesome, thanks Josh.

  37. I like that he actually uses a keyboard for representation. My uncle did that for me when it came to the guitar which really sets an understanding for notes, chords, and changing octaves.

  38. very helpful lesson

  39. can i have your skype? cause my moms boyfriend has a bass and id like to talk to someone who isnt always busy btw im not like 8 years old im 13 and he said it was ok that i can play his bass

  40. Josh,  the most sincere thank you.  I've been a guitar player for about 20 years but never bothered to learn this.  I started learning the bass yesterday and this lesson will help with bass and with guitar as well.  Thank you so very much.

  41. 2016. just saw this. it helps. thanks a ton bro!

  42. thankyou so helpfull keep it up!!!!!

  43. this is super helpful

  44. Maybe Im just stupid but I absoluely cant understand.

  45. You got so much support Josh, just reading through the comments. Good Job man

  46. This was so helpful dude. You don't even understand lol

  47. Thank you very much Josh!!

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