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Learn Bass Guitar – Scales & Chord Tones – part 1

Developing an understanding of scales & chord tones


  1. Good lesson, you need to clean that fretboard more often LOL

  2. Didn't know Tintin teaches bass on youtube

  3. I don’t get bass guitar I know how to play on a guitar I know every major cord and minor cords

  4. very good.thank so much.

  5. I like you best it

  6. My brother is in a band, I am 7 & thanks to you I now.

  7. I feel like if I get a bass guitar, it'll be much heavier than my guitar

  8. Just bought a bass guitar but i dont know how to use it.

  9. Does this apply to all chords? Not just C?

  10. why does linustechtip look like he's been using meth for years?

  11. Wilnis Saint-Felix

    that is a very good teacher I love the lesson

  12. Nice i get in the point good teacher keep it up and try to teach and other keys

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