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Learn Bass – How to Pluck the Strings

Lesson 4
An introduction to Technique focusing on the Plucking Hand.

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  1. I have no idea what to change my name to

    I can play the bass part on the opening of Stairway.

  2. Can i rest my thumb on the side of the pick up because it feels more comfortable in my opinion

  3. this guy looks like an oblivion character

  4. Love the video. Maybe consider a declicker for the voice recordings.

  5. would it be alright if i placed my thumb on top of the split-coil pickup to pluck the e string?

  6. THIS is the absolutely most useful video I have seen so far to take my playing to the next level…never learned the finger plucking bit and have always known I needed to but never found the right guide to help me get there until today. Thank you. Thank you and thank you again. Count me as your next subscriber. 🙂

  7. Very good!
    Thank you!

  8. is it actually bad to play just using your thumb? that's what makes me comfortable

  9. i notice you place your thumb on the string why? i normally put mine on the pick ups.

  10. I play guitar without a pick, so I have pretty long fingernails on my right hand. Will this negatively affect playing bass in any way?

  11. it is going to look akward on stage when i will stretch my right arm straight forward…

  12. Márk N. Mészáros

    Why there is not a word on using picks? That is there too, not just fingerstyle you know… Still a great stuff for free!

  13. thanks tin tin

  14. I was suggest not bending at that knuckle. It makes all your finger tips uneven with the string. But if you bend at your knuckle in the middle of your finger, all your fingertips will be even with the string which allows for much faster connection with no wasted movement. This is how Wooten teaches it..

  15. im lefty. is it true that its gonna affect my ability and give trouble with my pluckng hand? compare to natural right-handers

  16. can a lead guitarist play bass ?

  17. eleandro dos santos leal

    I liked the technique

  18. eleandro dos santos leal

    what do you call this bass?

  19. I am a guitar player picking up bass. The left hand technique feels familiar, but the right had is helluva lot different.

  20. Matt Bellamy is that you?

  21. ugh i have an oddly long middle finger and a really short thumb so I can't straighten my middle finger out when I pluck ;(

  22. this is such a great series. so impressed with this teacher. really really great.

  23. I'm scared to buy a bass because I think it will distract me from my studies and from my classical guitar lessons..

  24. Thanks for this lesson ! I'm going to have a bass soon so your videos are really helpful. But I have a problem : my fingers are not very "fleshy" and when I tried to pluck the string (in the music shop), my nails were touching it. And even when I cut them to the shortest, they point out of my fingers. Can I still play ?

  25. Great opening

  26. For more then a year I've been playing with just my thumb. this will take some time to finally settle in

  27. I was hoping there would be a part about playing with a pick, but great video none the less.

  28. Hi mate. Thanks for the detailed lessons. I have a question, playing for around 2 weeks i reached until lesson 9 fluidly and i progress well, but my thumb rests on the upper magnet rather than the e string. It helps me change chords quicker and play better while feeling far more relaxed. Should i chαnge this technique before it is late?

  29. Thanks, Thom Yorke!

  30. my god, I feel like i'm watching a documentary more than trying to get this guy to teach me how to play. Get ON with the LESSON…

  31. thank you so much! I've been playing the bass for a while now, but was playing with only my my thumb, a habit developed from previous acoustic guitar playing.
    I'm trying to learn how to properly pluck a bass, and this video really helped!

  32. This summarize all you need for proper right hand technique when playing fingers. Thank you for this excellent instructional video. Great, great job!!!

  33. ugHhhh i keep playing with thumb, pointer, middle and ring finger i cAn'T QUiT ThIs

  34. fasterr bellamy

  35. many thanks. very helpful

  36. This is EXACTLY what I needed. Plucking technique for someone who has never done it before. Haven't really put my bass down since I got it 4 days ago. Thanks alot for setting me on the right path.

  37. I would love to be able to play

  38. Instead of using two fingers, I thought of using all four right from now. I pluck using alternate fingers and sometimes alternate strings. For example, starting from G with my index and D with my second and G again with my middle finger and G with my last finger; going down the strings.. Do you think this is a good idea to start playing this technique from scratch? Thanks!

  39. i like bass i dont have one but nice videos i will buy one let see what happen im gona be very famous

  40. What a guitar..

  41. anyone can tell me the recommended height of the strings from the fingerboard?

  42. Here because because I developed the terrible habit of using only 1 finger from my right hand. It's terrible when trying to play quick notes and make it sound crisp. I'm gonna be going through these videos to try to break that habit

  43. TheWorstSharpShooter

    Hey can someone help me here? If you notice, his base sounds really nice and smooth when he plays, when I do, mine sounds like my fingernails are hitting it. I dont think they are, is there any other reason it would do that?

  44. ugh so irritating just get to the point. 4 minutes in and he hasnt said ANYTHING

  45. how does he play it so smoothly? idk maybe it's cause i have weak thirteen year old girl hands and just got my bass today, but i have to press down really hard to pluck and on the frets.

  46. His fingers are almost the same length! 🙁

  47. I need some help here. The plucking technique he uses is awesome! I've seen many bass players play with that technique without the fingers bending. The problem I have and I noticed it in this video is that my middle finger is approximately 1/2 inch longer than my index finger so it's kind of hard for me not to bend my fingers. Any suggestions?

  48. I am very new a playing the bass. He talks about using the thumb to support the wight of the plucking hand but I have an acoustic bass so where should I place my thumb?

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