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Learn Bass – Learn the Basic Techniques

Learn Bass Guitar Lessons – Basic Technique
Lesson 2
How to interact with the instrument and lay the foundation for good technique.


  1. Catie the Scribble

    * sees him with short strap *
    * shortens strap for about 10 minutes *
    "make your strap longer"
    Damn it.

  2. Dude , what’s up with those baby fingers ?

  3. It's often difficult for girl bassists' that's for sure! I am comfortable playing high but it sure isn't comfortable for "the girls"!

  4. Thank you!
    Very Good!
    I do not speack englesh! Sory!

  5. what do I do if I don't have a strap

  6. I appreciate your videos and lessons…I'm a newbie to the bass guitar, however, watching videos has given me hope…I want to play in church, I don't aspire to fame, I just want to be the best I can…your accent and diction are so beautiful, you have a masculine voice with a gorgeous silky tone to it…It's really a pleasure to the ear…I'm a woman….don't blush???…thank you for the knowledge too….????…subscribed and like…

  7. Thank you for this Valuable tip. B

  8. Thom Yorke.

  9. Has anyone ever told him he looks like Matt Bellamy (except he is playing bass!) XD

  10. Developing BASSic Techniques, too punny?

  11. Thank You for the very useful explaination! Most people think that BASIC details are obvious, but I do believe they aren't. Appreciated your humble way and your essential words. Subscribed!

  12. the bass pixie will not steer you wrong <3

  13. I love how friendly this guy is. Also, with his hair sticking up like that he looks like Rin Tin Tin! No Offence!

  14. i wanted to play bass but this video make me give up because too much talking..

  15. when he says 'metal' all i can think about is salad fingers saying 'nettles'

  16. my son Steven doesn't have a sriap

  17. thanks

  18. Man I own like three guitars why the fuck am I here

  19. Smacking his lips every time he starts a new sentence has me laughing so hard


  21. If I'm a guitarist that ever needs to play bass, I can just follow the chord progression and play the bass notes, right? Just as a bare minimum?

  22. ur awesome. thanks, I think I'm going to buy me one

  23. thanks, matt bellamy

  24. Strange Slaves & Masters

    muchas gracias amigo.

  25. anyone can tell me the recommended height of the strings from the fingerboard?

  26. Good advice.

  27. Ungureanu Florin Cristian/Gaming4871 Official

    The best lessons ever!

  28. Are you one of the forms of Doctor Who ?

  29. Waste my time to watch. I think he teach a baby who dont know a guitar

  30. greatly useful – thanks

  31. What animal is that on his head?

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