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Learn Bass – The 12 major scales explained

Lesson 11
Learning to Play the 12 Major Scales and developing yourself as a Musician.

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Lessons 11 — 15

Some of the keys skills needed to develop as a musician, taking the first steps in finding your musical voice and developing your chord knowledge.

All the great bass players, past and present all have something in common… A unique musical voice!
If you’ve ever found yourself guessing what to play as opposed to knowing what to play, then this series of lessons will give you a good foundation to build upon.
Learn about music in a way that bridges the gap between the theoretical and the practical and in no time you’ll be moving around the instrument with a deeper level of confidence and understanding and more importantly, you’ll be taking the first steps in developing your own musical voice.


  1. guitargirlutube

    You can teach!!!

  2. Jerry Lipnisky

    The best part of all these lessons is that they are so well paced. Thank you.

  3. You're are blessing to the community at large.

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  5. Nathan Agustin

    Thank you so much sir! Great lesson.

  6. Ive gone through six other bass players on YT. This is the first that doesnt just play and expect you to be able to see thru their fingers. The visual editing of this is what wins me over. Yeah, music is sound, but learning is sound, sight, feel. Visual components are just as important as sound components when teaching! Great vid!

  7. Excellent instruction. Clear and to the point. Thank you.


  9. Wow Dude! You're Awesome! I appreciate Your approach to Teaching… Cheers Mate. 🙂

  10. The best bass guitar instruction I've ever seen. The inclusion of theory would ordinarily put me off, but he makes it extremely user-friendly.

  11. Alejandro Tachile

    I am really happy to have found your chanell because I am not only a bass player but also an English teacher here in Argenntina. So I learn the secrets of my favourite instrument and at the same time I listen to a perfect English accent. I could not be happier. Greetings from Buenos Aires.

  12. Warren Lawrence

    Love the videos! what bass are you using in these vids?

  13. Amazing videos

  14. isn't this just changing the mode

  15. can these lessons apply to electric guitar like fender telecaster?

  16. at the end he said "just keeping practicing" and I misheard it for "skip practicing" lol. Anyway, greatest bass lessons series ever

  17. Does this guy ever change his clothes? jk best teacher on youtube

  18. Great Lessons!

  19. i love you man, you're the best teacher ever existed!

  20. Nur Azman Bin Junaini

    this man deserve a credit

  21. My Sweet Shadow

    I'm really learning things here, thanks 😀

  22. love this channel,great lessons

  23. These instructional videos are a great help, People are still learning from them. Thank you!

  24. Minor Scales pls?

  25. excellent videos! I'm learning a lot! thank you!

  26. You are amazing thank you for all your videos

  27. Great lesson but it could be potentially confusing for beginners when dealing with the E major scale for example to use flats that as we both know, do not exist in E major.

  28. Extremely helpful. I had questions all the way through watching in my head, everyone of them answered in the video. Subscribed!

  29. Rose an Singian


  30. Dávid Besmart

    Great teacher! Really thanks

  31. Thanks man! you re a great teacher! =) im work in your excercises every day

  32. This really helped me out with learning the 12 major scales! Thank you!

  33. Luis Eduardo Coca

    by far, the best teacher on YT!

  34. best teacher on youtube..my opinion

  35. Learning from you everyday. thanks for taking time to make these vids

  36. I love all your videos!

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