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Learn Beginner Surf electric guitar early 60’s Southern California music Dick Dale inspired lesson

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Learn Beginner Surf electric guitar early 60’s Southern California music Dick Dale inspired lesson

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  1. Poor lesson. Not very surfy.

  2. Nice lesson!

  3. Jimmy Ponciano

    Thank you. I will practice everyday.

  4. the dog loves surf guitar too! look at that happy tail wag )

  5. here's some ideas for learning to play guitar
    Decide exactly why you want to play guitar
    Try to learn guitar everyday
    Find what process works for you best.
    (I read these and the reasons they work on Guitar Guru Method website )

  6. Logan Christie

    Thank you so much 😉

  7. so easy to play and it sounds so good

  8. Adriano Lizárraga


  9. A White Fender Dual Showman amp is four fucking thousand dollars!
    Amateurs are not made of money!

  10. This is jeffery paul ross

  11. Barry Anderson

    this reminds me of spaghetti westerns

  12. Your Rev is better than a Fender anyway!

  13. Schtuffe Wheat

    what guitar was that?

  14. Nice lesson. The start of the lick sounds like "Ghost riders…" The scale is actually E harmonic minor .

  15. I want that shirt man! 

  16. HallmarkSweptWinger

    I love surf music but this example in "surf" sound is thin and a bit boring for my ears. Not enough energy imo…

  17. great sound. LOVE it!

  18. capitolemiproducer

    In order to play a guitar in Dick Dale style, if you are right handed, you have to string your guitar left handed.

  19. That's a Reverend 'Slingshot', one of their old made-in-the-US models. They came with P-90 pickups.

  20. More reverb..it's free

  21. What happened to Johnny Bravo? I mean…. Jason Lee!
    Either way more Surf lessons pleases!
    Can you guys do a modern surf lesson in the style of the Mermen and Man or Astroman? Also could you do a surf punk lesson like Agent Orange?

  22. I am a fan of Jason Lee's surf and rockabilly lessons, too. Bring him back.

  23. Another great lesson. How about a lesson in the style of Link Wray?

  24. SuperMarioZombies

    2:37 looks like he's trying to crank out a nasty shit.

  25. Hey could you do a review of this guitar? It looks really cool!

  26. Sweet muting and sound. Again, fantastic shirt. Good style man!

  27. BlackAngusYoung

    How suitable would the old strat-style whammy be?

  28. BlackAngusYoung

    Maybe you give a shit about more things than you realize.

  29. Jeffrey Paul, you're the best!

  30. I don't give a shit about "surf" guitar. But that style can be amazingly implemented in other genres that I do play. This is an awesome lesson.

  31. Mauvice Garcon

    Yo paul you're not angry in this video, what's your secret? Paul: I'm always angry

  32. The bass riff reminds me of "Shes not there" by the Zombies

  33. SuperMarioZombies

    I love the retard faces this guy makes. Awesome.

  34. What is that guitar?

  35. Sjoerd Hoogland

    Lolled at the outro

  36. itaintmebabe714

    Thats a cool little riff. Nailed that style and vibe

  37. グレゴリーミカン

    Great lesson. <3 surf guitar!

  38. dansterwerecool


  39. BlastFromYesterday

    How are the whammy bars you mentioned different?


    That was AWESOME.

  41. Salt and lime life Pcbflausa

    Why did you delete Jason Lee's " How to play surf guitar" video ,,, real pissy of ya ,, great video btw … I'm over it , keep the attitude br'r . moon dawg Ross puts jayce in the woodshed… who needs a boofy hairpiece to play anyways … just a mean dawg mug and good chops BABY !!
    raucNcauc's forever .

  42. Awesome lesson man

  43. Salt and lime life Pcbflausa

    Moon Dawg Paul Ross !!

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