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Learn How To Play Electric Guitar For Beginners Step By Step | First Guitar Lesson Ever!


  1. Campfire Guitar Star

    Hey guitarists – this is chapter 1, but get all 36 chapters, plus all the downloads of the tabs and scale charts – plus you can get the "5 Minute Guitar" BOOK – yes, the actual physical handbook shipped right to your door. Do it all here: http://www.campfireguitarstar.com/starthere

  2. love your eyes, man

  3. Thanks

  4. These videos help me understand how to play wayy easier than other videos

  5. that's a guitsar not eletric

  6. I'm about to by my first guitar. Can't wait to get into it, really motivated to practice daily even with my busy lifestyle!

  7. Hey there! I would like to learn! I am doing research before I get a guitar, I like the way you laid out the tuning process. I am excited to get started!

  8. I am not going to get it

  9. 5 minutes I said . . . ended up in 2,5 hours

  10. nice video I subscribe

  11. I don't have any money to get a tuner, so I bought a free one off the AppStore and idk how to use it.

  12. This series will make my dream come true

  13. Oh I wanna own a guitar but my parents wouldn't let me cuz I'll be playing all the time and anywhere lol !! And they hate music just the opposite of me fuck it ?

  14. Seriously 5 minute??? I practice guitar for 7 hours per day

  15. hey I'm a biggner electric guitar play I can't handle the electricity my fingers are burning any advice is there anything I can to protect my fingers?

  16. I had absolutely no idea how to play a guitar and all of a sudden i ended up buying an electric guitar today , I don't even know ABC for a guitar

    I'll follow all the chapters and your website

    let's see how I goes ??

  17. Why does my electric guitar sounds like an acoustic?

  18. Loved this instructional video. I have always wanted to learn to play electric guitar….my uncles were musicians, both played guitar….I grew always around it and have always dreamt of playing. I'm hoping to purchase a guitar asap. Any suggestions?…I am small in stature so I want to find something comfortable…thank you!

  19. guitar tuna is way better for a tuning app

  20. Sir, I've been playing electric guitar since 10 months(acoustic for 2 years) and I'm still not comfortable the small body of my les paul while sitting of standing. For playing notes higher than 10 th fret i find that my freting hand movement is not free/comfortable. what do you suggest i do?

  21. jus started didn't kno shit about a guitar accept I really wanna kno how to play. thanks for your help!!!!????

  22. sorry but you don't get good by playing guitar for 5 minutes everyday…….
    its like saying you can become soccer star by practicing an hour a day, put some effort into it.

  23. this video was really helpful , thanks

  24. I'm only a kid but I have an electric guitar ?

  25. Brings out a iPhone 3 for the tuning app ???

  26. Thank you !!

  27. Since when did Jay Watson start offering free guitar lessons?

  28. Campfire Guitar Star

    Here's the app that I use in this lesson to tune your guitar using a digital, chromatic guitar tuner – https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/will-ripley-tuner-special/id666862703?mt=8 or just search "Will Ripley" in the app store.

  29. Extremely helpful I never new how to play until now

  30. Lol I'll play for hours, I just really hope I don't get frustrated and quit since its always hard for me to keep doing something. but I love guitar so much I probably won't stop, now I know what to do and I'm not confused what to do anymore! 😀

  31. "savagely out of tune"

  32. best explanation ever

  33. any help setting up my Spectrum Model Ail-20a, 10 Watts  i just bought and im just leaning how to play

  34. sir i am from india
    i am playing keyboard from 3 – 4 years but never play guitar
    i want to buy electric guitar . so which electric guitar i should buy and which Amp .

  35. Campfire Guitar Star

    get all 36 chapters to our free beginner course by going here: http://www.campfireguitarstar.com/starthere

  36. When you tune on a electric guitar do you plug in the amp or leave it unplugged

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    awesome dude…love your videos..sharing them with my friends.

  38. Campfire Guitar Star

    I wish that I got this as my first guitar lesson! If you're serious about how to play electric guitar for beginners step by step , make sure you are successful in your journey by starting here.

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