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Learn the Funk electric guitar lesson rhythm and strumming

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Learn the Funk electric guitar lesson rhythm and strumming – In this lesson we teach you a funky rhythm style that you can add to your playing fun and easy.


  1. love to fish neosheo

    Awesome thanks


  3. very much useful. thank you so much.

  4. black sabbath's hand of doom

  5. Excellent tutorial. Muscular groovin' funk.

  6. Gorgeous, thank you a lot 😀

  7. Marty, Defo the best teacher no contest on YouTube, subscribed and love the channel 👍

  8. Hey, when Marty does the E7#9 does he also strum the high and low E strings and just finds a way to mute them. Or does he just somehow not hit them with the pick

  9. What's the song title?

  10. very nice great

  11. very nice great

  12. When you play the pentatonic blues, you play on tremolo picking and muting as the funk riff ?

  13. takin the E7#9 and funkin it up ?
    hey I've been playing guitar and people tell me I'm funkin up all the time !

  14. Marty , the man , the myth , the legend

  15. You are the fucking man

  16. You'd be on-point with that head movement…actual guitar playing almost optional. Great video!

  17. Thanks Marty, I'm a Funk bass player but I play the funk guitar on my bass videos and I'm always looking to improve my 6 string skills, this is a good lesson. Cheers Man!

  18. Thank you so much for the time spent and the perfect pedagogy.

  19. this guy ia excelent guitarist and teacher. I always come back to his vídeos for to learn asome tricks un the Guitar

  20. great vid, as usual, from the Main Man Marty

  21. Does any one know…
    When he plays the strumming mixed with blues licks, his right hand looks like it is strumming even when playing the single note licks. Anyone know how to do this? Example at 8:20 in video.

  22. Hi Marty, do you have video tutorial on Kinga Glyk Tears in heaven in bass.? Many people love it, i wanted to see you playing that one :). i hope you upload it soon. Love to hear it. Thanks

  23. Dude can you be my personal teacher

  24. Cool! Thanks!

  25. thank you sir, but i cant get the head movement =(

  26. I'm getting a case of the funky neck!

  27. I just wish I could get that freakin' head bobble down! So Cool :0)

  28. Pick rotates slightly while strumming. but picking is fine. are there any differences in holding a pick while strumming and picking?

  29. adamsin 🙂

  30. That intro was tough

  31. E7#9 i can feel the funk – get in my ears

  32. MaN! You really got it!! thanks a lot!! ultra funky! awesome! keep going!!

  33. Fawk, me and some friends just started fusion funk into our sound
    You really Get A Feel Of Music

  34. Will this work w/ an acoustic guitar?

  35. Tony Maiden brought me here..

  36. This lesson is fantastic, so many tasty treats! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to make some head bopping porn music.

  37. Awesome lesson Marty, but one thing nobody ever talks about that is important is how you are holding your pick. I think there are certain ways that keep the pick in your hand and from slipping off with fast attacking styles like this than others. Can you share how you hold your pick for this exercise? Thanks!

  38. Why are you stealing Marty's videos?

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