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Learning Guitar Beginners Lesson (1)

New 2013 video’s — http://youtu.be/5r3vorDVkNeo’s
Beginners Lesson — http://youtu.be/n5uOppJUSTc


  1. wow 11 years ago..

  2. This is really helpful!! I subscribed.

  3. Marshall Mathers

    10 years ago? I feel old now

  4. 0:30 my reaction: I already know this fool! 😀

  5. Haha.I am from China. Thanks.

  6. Danfie, Thank you hardly says it all, I've just started and I know I'm going to be able to play following your excellent instructions, Again many, many thanks

  7. Wow. So amazing! Thanks.

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  11. excact same electric guitar!

  12. Gilberto Salatini

    am I crazy or the whole tuning part sounds kinda out of tune?

  13. Katelyn Rodrguez

    >> The Ultimate Guitar Learning Guide:

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  15. who else laughed when it said: "I recently came across youtube.com"

  16. Paulina Romashova

    the video is great! thanks for making it. 

  17. 4:29 Zzzz…zzz…zzz

  18. E A  D G B e

  19. Yes Lad

  20. Francelina Maslo

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  21. Thank you so much!!!

  22. When he said 'I have recently come across YouTube' I actually thought he was being sarcastic until I saw the date 0_o

  23. i cant fined episode 2
    i think im just dumb lol

  24. What is the best way to learn guitar?

  25. This looks like it helps everyone who's a beginner to music period! Good for you man for helping everyone!


  27. alexander Krider

    This Helped me ALOT your amazing you earned a subscriber! ^_^

  28. damn this is old

  29. OMG THANK U SO mUCH!! ILY <3

  30. Thanks so much for this video!

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  32. Thank you! My sister just left for college and left me her guitar, so I'm learning from the internet. This is a great help!

  33. thanks

  34. For all the buffoons who want to knock this video, well I can totally appreciate it. No one ever showed me these basics before. Yeah, most people have an idea about one thing or another, like the dots, or the pick. It's sweet that this man took a massive step back and looked through the eyes of a total beginner and made a video for them, myself included! 

  35. 0:26 I think some of you should look at this and stop being fools. Your vid helps a lot danfie.

  36. i find this video a little dull. instead of summing up every single part first, why not explaint he parts as you come across them? that could be a bit more interesting. there's a lot of effort put into this video though, wich i can appreciate.



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