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New year. New GG. Just kidding. Same GG. Just challenging myself to learn more. 🎸

I’m determined now more than ever to learn how to play electric guitar & get into more fingerstyle methods as well. 🙌🏼

↓ O T H E R P L A C E S T O F I N D M E:






Hey! My name is Michelle and I go by the persona “Guitar Goddess.” Easier to remember, right? I teach beginner/intermediate guitar lessons here on YouTube because I have a passion for both music and for helping people. My goal is to inspire & motivate people like YOU all over the world to reach their guitar goals and push through the struggles without giving up. Subscribe to become a part of the Guitar Goddess Community!

To me Guitar Goddess does NOT mean “I’m the best guitarist out there.” To me, the meaning of Guitar Goddess is on a much deeper and interconnected level. Guitar Goddess is that indescribable feeling I get whenever I play my guitar. I feel beautiful, confident & positive. It’s unlike anything else. I feel like it’s something other guitarists can relate to. Guitar Goddess does not define my skills or my playing style and I don’t think the name I chose is un-deserving in any way. In my opinion, every female guitarist should be able to call herself a Guitar Goddess no matter what style of music she plays or how experienced she is. It’s not about skill. It’s about the passion.


  1. What are your 2018 guitar goals? 🎸 Also, who is excited about the electric guitar series?! 🙌🏼

  2. Hi!! I'm your big fan and i realy enjoy all your videos❤❤
    But can you please listen to the song "Im on my own" by ross? I will be super happy if you make a coven on it!! Anyways, im just here to tell you that u aways make me smile and i really love the energy u gave to me. Have a nice day😄❤

  3. I can hardly wait to see what your first electric guitar song will be. I recently switched to bass in a 3 piece band after playing electric guitar for a few years.

  4. Maurice Gutiérrez

    What do you think about punk rock like blink-182 etc.?

  5. I just recently ..subscribed ur channel 😍 n its great i lovedd it really n u r very sweet too! ..m a begginer n facing prblm while changing chords … 😅 can u help me out ? .. nnn i know u r also not so free as well but ..so whenever u hve time …

    From : India

  6. I’ve been playing electric guitar for 1 year and am self taught at it (I’ve been playing guitar in general for 2 years). An easy rock song for you to learn is Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace. Super easy and fun to play. And if you can do hammer ons and pull offs you can do trills and tapping with some practice. I honestly prefer electric guitar over an acoustic guitar any day, you can do so much more on an electric and it fits my music taste/style. I still do enjoy playing on the acoustic, but I just like my Epiphone Les Paul better. My one and only goal this year is to just become a better guitarist

  7. JDanmusic Channel

    And keep on it so strong of course you can you are gonna be rocking it you got my entire support if u got any doubt here I am, @jdanmusic_ at instagram or whatever but I love it and I wanted u to know I support u💪

  8. JDanmusic Channel

    By the way you beauty😊 I started posting here, you can see my first cover video nov rain solos if you want it is in my profile, thanks💖

  9. Goodluck ❤

  10. When you do learn to play the electric guitar proficiently, may I suggest making tutorials for bands like My Chemical Romance, Panic! at The Disco, Fall Out Boy and Falling in Reverse? They're great and they're pretty much modern staples, and I really like how you teach guitar so expanding your genres would be awesome!

  11. Rick Arniel Valdez

    Please make a tutorial about too good at goodbye by Sam Smith. Thank you

  12. Can yI u do a fingerstyle of can’t help falling in love with you pleasseeeeeee xxxxxxx and also just the way you are by brunch mars xxxxxx😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️💕 love you 😘

  13. Can yI u do a fingerstyle of can’t help falling in love with you pleasseeeeeee xxxxxxx and also just the way you are by brunch mars xxxxxx😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️💕 love you 😘

  14. hey !! can yu cover Justin beibers " where are now "

  15. Alyssa Marie Keiser

    Lorelei Gilmore is that you

  16. You are such an inspiration to other and you have such a beautiful spirit about you. Yes please share your new journey with us on the electric guitar, Much love.

  17. I don't have an electric guitar still trying to get better at acoustic. I hope you still do some acoustic because you're a fantastic teacher. I'm happy you set some new goals. Goals are good. I did also. Mine are to learn barr chords and to play at least 5 songs all the way through very well every three month pick new songs. I hope that is not a high expectation. If so I might have to make it 3or 4 songs every three months. I do practice every night for 1 hour sometimes 1.5 hrs. I also like country and I would love to learn blues. But I don't want to put to much on my plate at once. So I was thinking maybe after these 3 months next set of songs be country then after that next set some blues/riffs. Just to change it up some. What are your thoughts?

  18. Plz Havana for beginners 🌹😭😔

  19. Don't use a capo when playing electric. I can't tell you definitively why, but it isn't a good idea. I've played for 38 years, been in bands, etc. Don't be sloppy. An electric will make you think you can relax and not be precise when playing. Lies, all lies. It takes more discipline than acoustic, just because it's easy to get sloppy. My 2018 goals are to practice 5 – 7 hours a week and write songs with a local songwriting association.

  20. Yeah soo cool! Up top on my list of guitar goals for 2018 is to learn how to play and sing simultaneously…. I've always been a fan of finger style, its the one style of guitar really want to master so I'm super excited that its one of your goals as well. I'm really looking forward to your guitar learning vlogs so I could work-a-long and track my progress with you. Thanks for an amazing channel with great well put together content. You have helped me tremendously. Thumbs up from South Africa

  21. I appreciate guitarists like you who try to improve and learn new styles instead of staying in their comfort zone 😊

  22. A rage fan 🙂 can't wait for those tutorials 😀

  23. I can't wait for the electric guitar series… Can't wait for Foo fighters to be honest ❤️Also, even I'm a singer so I usually prefer acoustic… But I think it's time I learnt the other forms as well and I'm so glad I have you doing the same thing… And please go ahead with vlog idea… Would be so helpful and motivating for do many of us… Lastly, a very happy new year ♥️

  24. As you learn things on the electric, please make some vids so we can learn too.

  25. I got electric guitar for christmas and I want to reach the same goal as you. Your timing is perfect! 😀

  26. While I'm Looking for Alaska

    Hi, Michelle!
    Thank you so much for such inspirational video! Hope you'd smash it this year with your fantastic tutorials!
    Also, I wish you lots of luck in one of your goal to get back to your own writing and maybe release one! If you'd like, I'd be happy to take part in a songwriting process together!
    And songwriting might become another theme of your channel as you progress.

    My guitar goals for this year are definitely:
    1) to learn to play and sing, the most important
    2) create a setlist of the songs that I would perform, mostly my own songs and couple of cover versions
    3) play live

    Thank you once again for all the inspiration you give!

    With love from cold and snowy (finally, haha) Moscow,


  27. my guitar goals that learn more songs and practice more but tomorrow I have a final test in social and computer I hope I be right on it 😫

  28. augustine Nwaekwe

    my goal is to be better in barre chords. And to see you!!!

  29. the idea about the vlog of your raw practise session is really awesome it will really help everyone with the practise and until you giveup i think no one will if they are practise side by side with you. it is really inspiring personally i want to learn fingerpicking if you do that too it will be really helpfull. thank you so much ❤❤

  30. Juana D'Alessandro

    Hi I wanted to ask you if you could do a guitar tutorial of "What About Us" from pink
    Pleeeeeeeesss because all the other tutorials are way too difficult for me and your tutorials are so simple and sound so good 😊

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