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Lynyrd Skynyrd – Simple Man – super easy beginner acoustic guitar song lessons

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  1. WILL K ILLUE. fast

    Has anyobdy told Dude ,,hes playing it wrong?

  2. Do one for Holiday in Spain by counting crows

  3. heckin good m8

  4. Who the fuck is Leonard Skinhead?

  5. Great lesson for this song thanks

  6. Schwartzenpecker

  7. can i have an ebook

  8. I have been building my first view Guitars – Which I Love the Challenge, and also upgrading them as I go; That is great yet still need to Play ( Classic Country is what I Love) At my young age of 72 ,with God's grace, not over the HILL but keeps climbing that next Mountain- Picking up speed through the Valley of Life.

  9. Marty please show us how to play digital bath by deftones !

  10. Thanks for putting these videos out. Has been a great help!

  11. "Super easy". Well fuck me then!

  12. I I am just learning how to play and it can seem a little overwhelming at times but you do a great job explaining exactly what you are doing and I have found that I am actually making progress a little even when I Thought I would never be able to play a guitar so I want to tthrow out a big thank you for doing this. I am sure lots of people are getting benefits from you here on utube. Furthermore brother, you play great!!

  13. Good vid!!! Love simpel man!!!???

  14. thanks Marty! you rock

  15. Damn, found a song I can actually play. Thanks man! I'm 64 yrs old, just took up guitar. Crazy right. I really enjoy playing.

  16. M arty, I mostly always played affordable guitars. As i think no one ever has ''enough'' money LOL ! Curious a little about your Martin what mod.no. unless you don't want to put that out?

  17. I love that you choose the best songs to play on an acoustic so that when I actually find the lesson I play until my fingers are numb or I get blisters

  18. Marty, finally just chose "subscribe". I've for years looked for your tutorials when I want to learn a new song. Thanks so much for the great job you do.

  19. I spent several months practicing on an app and got no where. The moment I started practicing from your videos, it was like the light shown down on me – can't get more helpful than this

  20. Can you do raise hell by hed P.E

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