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Music Theory Basics for Guitar: Lesson 1 – The Musical Alphabet

Lesson one of the basic music theory course for guitar! In this lesson I’ll teach you all about the musical alphabet.



  1. Thank you very much this is what I have been looking for days on you tube.

  2. Nice one you explained that very well.thanks

  3. You're a really good teacher! you explained this very well and slowly compared to other teachers. Thank you!

  4. Many people on Youtube do presentations on basic music theory with a whiteboard. As a beginner, I do not understand these. The moment Hunter moved from the whiteboard and began demonstrating the notes that were written on the whiteboard on the one string of his guitar, it all became clear. Well done for simplicity.

  5. Thank you for this solid bit of information Hunter….most helpful πŸ™‚

  6. 기무라 μš”ν—€μ΄

    Ohhh I think I got it but I don't get it Anyway thank you for the lesson

  7. William Cayemberg

    I have been a high school teacher for 24 years. You communicate very clearly. You use good analogies as well. Excellent videos.

  8. There is no C and F Strings, right then why u wrote c and f there

  9. You deserve much * love*… Thank you for sharing … you're just awesome

  10. Your videos are fantastic! It's very important to teach music theory by explaining the reasoning behind it, and by using examples that you can connect your previous knowledge to, as you do. This is music theory for those who aren't yet nusic-minded. Bravo!

  11. I'm impressed with the form of teaching and the way you break things down. Help me ALOT

  12. If you are beginning guitar , watch this video over and over and over until you actually understand it. He explains it perfectly as it's laid out on a piano (black keys being sharps and flats of each note). Remember Homer Simpsons band was called the "B Sharps" (B#) … there is no such note as a B#. lol

  13. Your voice is very comforting, is that weird?

  14. Wow man…. That cleared my concept. Loved it.

  15. Mehmet Mustafa ICER

    It was awesome. So clear.

  16. Where were you all my life! Lol, awesome, you are a very good teacher, explained to me in minutes what I read for months! πŸ™‚

  17. Funny, isn't it? All the great blues guitar players – Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Lightnin Hopkins – probably knew little or no theory and learnt by watching and these are the guitar players that are copied!!!

  18. This is youtube gold. Thank you!

  19. I'm just going to watch this video a few more times! Nbd

  20. thank you so much

  21. Thank you. You have a wonderful teaching style from this teacher's point of view.

  22. Intentional Misrepresentation

    Just started to watch this to see your take on guitar and theory and i gotta say that you’re easy to listen to ..that might say more about other people and their videos, but having said that can I suggest making a sort of menu in the descriptions of your videos with links that can get you to your other videos and what those videos are about? … ex. From your first video I want to know why and when you use β€œb” and when you use β€œ#” … how do I find that?

    just a suggestion. Great video.

  23. im so done with this ughhh good lesson btw!!

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  25. Thanks man, I've been playing guitar since i was 12 and I am 40 now. I've been to lazy to learn this stuff, but still can play a mean guitar. I figure its time to get this straight. I don't think I can excel at guitar without it. woop woop!


  27. Behind The Curtain

    you are my master now

  28. wow that one teacher in school who's lesson you look forward to, even the bullies paid attention
    cheers mac dermut gonna subscribe and like all your shit

  29. I bought a guitar yesterday! This is my first lesson. I really appreciate your effort, thank you so much for making it so simple πŸ™‚

  30. I have been playing guitar for 10 years and your videos have made the light bulb go off in my head that is giving me the inspiration to finally start college thanks bro!

  31. So when guitar methodology says NOT to play certain notes on a specific string when learning notation, it's because those are flats and sharps. I got it! Thanks for this. Just following this alphabet (or musical scale), I can now find every note on the fret board. Thanks again!

  32. I came here thinking I was going to really need this but I realized how much of an idiot I am I already have learned this stuff from band in school. Great video anyways πŸ‘

  33. Wow, I'm sincerely surprised by the amount of people who actually have been paying the guitar for a really long time and haven't studied or even had a look at what a guitar theory is. I, on the other hand have been reading and watching videos about how to play the guitar and all the kinds of guitars out there etc.. before even having bought the guitar! However I'm getting it soon and I'm really great full that you uploaded these lessons.

  34. holy shit he is good

  35. Thank you sir.. it is very helpful

  36. Shamsudheen Shaheena

    He helped me so much πŸ˜ƒ

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