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Pearl Jam – Last Kiss – Super Easy Beginner Guitar Lesson on Acoustic Guitar – How to play

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  1. BBQMike Living life.

    Wow nice man, at 56 I want to give it a try and you are an inspiration thanks, the one thing I would like to play, easily if possible would be the song drinking problem! thanks 🙂

  2. sick1weary0425

    How about "Take me Down" by The Pretty Reckless. I'm struggling with the rhythm and you seem to have a knack at breaking things down. I always learn quickly with you

  3. hotel california by the eagles?

  4. chu cu chu, cu chu cu chu, cu chu… DOWN DOWN UP, UP DOWN UP, DOWN DOWN UP xD you have killed me man

  5. Thanks bro! You made it really easy….

  6. James Morisson

    great man! it helps me a lot!

  7. morgan linthorne

    your videos are super helpful! I'm just learning how to play the guitar. just can't strum very smooth haha

  8. easy peasy great quick lesson thanks Tom Ryan

  9. d I you have a link to how to play it ain't me babe? the johnny cash version.

  10. Andy Warneford

    Really enjoy the easy little lessons of yours like this, and also your great blues tuition. Keep up the great workl
    Kapai, kia ora katoa from New Zealand 🙂

  11. Sunshine Potter

    This is really good 🙂 my request is: can you please make a how to play video for "northern star – hole"

  12. Last kiss by del Shannon

  13. drop_d Siyangdhan

    your awesome as fuck…

  14. Pretty Little Hipster

    thanks <3 <3

  15. Simple the best!! as always Marty i.

  16. Doing a cover slash remix to this song thanks for the helpful video

    Where oh where could my baby be
    Its probably that she just doesnt want to be with me
    I question heaven yet I know to be good
    So when the time comes I can see my baby my baby when I leave this world

    Guess you could say we were out on a date in my beater car
    We hadnt driven very far
    On the road straight ahead
    There was a thought that we might be wed
    Now aint that a kick in the head

    I cant stop, I hate my life I repeat it ever night
    And I hold the thought of her in that pale moon light
    My screaming heart and your painful laugh, That beautiful tone the only thing I heard last

    When I wake up, youre on my mind
    Long untill I fall asleep at night
    Is it wrong ive felt the warm flowing through my eyes
    All I remember is how I met my baby, that night

    I lifted her head, she looked at me and said,
    "Hold me darling just a little while."
    I held her close, I kissed her our last kiss,
    I found the love that I knew I had missed

    Well now she's gone even though in my mind it right,
    I lost my love, my life that night.

  17. this is very helpful.. thank you 😀

  18. awesome easy song to learn! Thanks for the vid man! subscribed.

  19. Can you play this song with an electric guitar or are the chords played differently?

  20. Dysfuntional FamBam

    Ive learned ALOT from you Marty just sayin thanks!

  21. Moe TheDestroyer

    Thank you so much!  I have been watching your videos and practicing and learning chords for a couple of months now.  I only have a few spare minutes each day to practice, and this is still pretty rough, but it is officially the first song I can play.  Thanks so much for your videos!!!

  22. EccentricDark Productions

    This is great. Thank you. I do have a request. I'm struggling to figure out a song by Destiny's Child called Second Nature. I hope as I get a little better I will be able to play it. Maybe I can learn it better if you make a video because I like your format. Thanks again.

  23. Pushkar chongbang

    Oh yea!

  24. Itook this song to my guitar lessons, And plaided with in one hr.

  25. You are an awesome teacher, a lot of guitar teachers don't understand that some people aren't as advanced as others and don't care, whereas you do, keep up the good work man, much appreciated

  26. Awesome!!! I was really wrong on the strumming pattern 😛

  27. highwayto hell

    thanks waiting for creed one last breath from u

  28. Thanks for this easy song to play. Been waiting for years to play this now I can. Gr8 teacher Marty:)

  29. I love it this song is a fave and I have been practicing it all day. It has made me stop avoiding the dreaded c maj chord. I am still slow on the c to d change and finally caught the the g finish and like the strum pattern for the break thank you marty I never in in my wildest dreams thought I would be able to play guitar thank you.

  30. Good job marty!!

  31. haa same chords for earth angel different strumming tho haaa 

  32. hey marty , my name is logan i am 14 i am learning how to play guitar i know most of my chords i would like you to make as j. frank wilson version of this song i like the way he dose it but i like this one to but if you could make a j. frank wilson version of this i would be happy ,thanks

  33. thank you so much

  34. you are the best Marty

  35. jimi van orion

    hi marty!! I play with the (1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and) counting. Does DDU – UDU mean I play every chord 1 – 2 – and – and – 2 – and or should I play it Gchord DDU and switch to E UDU??

    I hope you can follow my question 😉 Rock on

  36. David Helmcamp

    marty im 54 years old, won many karoake contests…won an alvarez guitar…ive master two of your lessons so far..thanks so much…you da man…

  37. ive tried watching tons of how to videos with songs but you actually make it easy. you need to show the notes for every video though. sorry im a super beginner. YOUR AWSOME!!

  38. Nice tutorial!!

  39. the most unenthusiastic clap ever. lovin it

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