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Percussive acoustic bass Lesson / Seven Nation Army / Dmitry Lisenko

In this lessons I am describing how to perform percussive fingerstyle on acoustic bass. I choose Seven Nation Army because it’s easy and catchy riff. Good Luck with your practice.
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Want to learn this technique? Have a look at my video course : https://www.udemy.com/percussive-fingerstyle-on-acoustic-bass/?couponCode=MINIMALIST




  1. Very cool !!

  2. Justin Christensen

    All Instruments take TALENT. He's gots plenty


    Thanks for the lesson. It's just Awesome.

  4. Bärchen Blaster

    Skip to 5:06 for the final version

  5. Awesome lesson man, been playing electric bass for a fair few years and wanted to learn something different. A lot harder then I thought doing both the percussion with one hand and playing the bass with the left at the same time, will definitely have to keep practising.

  6. Super cool….

  7. Thank you

  8. Great job bro!

  9. Such an amazing musician with so much talent. Keep playing brother. I definitely see a professional career ahead of you

  10. ALi LOVERS ON facebook ALi LOVERS ON facebook

    Nice brother

  11. Thank you, man! Really thanks!

  12. broooo you drag out your words just like me, also this is the first video of your channel i've watched, man i like it

  13. I'm gonna love to practice this much thank you

  14. I have found the true meaning of neckbeard

    jk love the videos 😀

  15. awesome my friend!!!! As a slap bass player… this is so new to me. Thanks man.. keep posting new stuff

  16. The drums on your bass only version are more interesting than the original haha

  17. I am finding it really difficult to do different rhythms with different hands. Any tips? I really want to learn this style of playing.

  18. what kind of bass is that

  19. Thanks for the lesson Dmitry 🙂 i get an acoustic bass and slowly i play more him than the electric one, and thanks to this tutorial i can practice a bit percussive technique.
    What strings do you reccomend for percussive tech? i have bronze now but i see a bit of acoustic players using the steel strings too, what's the difference?

  20. Bryan Antonio Maza Cordova

    That's wonderful, I'm noob in the bass world. One day i wanted to play like You.

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