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Pink Floyd “Breathe” – David Gilmour Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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Hello friends,
and welcome to another easy song tutorial from Swift Guitar lessons. In this session I’ll be breaking down how to play David Gilmour’s acoustic rendition of the Pink Floyd classic “Breathe.” This is an excellent song for beginners to learn, as it will introduce a variety of useful chord shapes and strumming techniques. Let’s get started!

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  1. Voice👏👏👏👏


    Could you please teach
    i need by clark beckham
    Thank you

  3. Mustafa Can Kaya

    lol, he sings, he plays guitar, he has muscle (nice biceps vein), he is handsome…

    only difference between you and me is i have green eyes ahahaah. JK! good work my good friend, can you do have a cigar tutorial from pink floyd please? including solo too if possible 🙂 there are literally no accurate lesson for it, no tab, no notes…

  4. Micky Barillon

    Really Great Hi from Switzerland i know Roger Waters but you teach me Breathe….. Great help dynamic and fun

  5. I didn’t know Ryan Reynolds could play guitar this good lmao

  6. Great stuff! I just started trying to learn for real. I'm not quite ready for you but this was great. Thanks!

  7. BRAVO! Do you also have "Pigs on the wing?

  8. Lyndon Stucker

    His voice is ben stiller dodgeball lol

  9. thanks rob! love the lessons, wishing you a happy new year from texas

  10. as usual, killer ass tutorial.. many thanks!!

  11. Brillant perfect singing and playing !!!


    Hey guys check out my breathe cover learnt with the help of this video!!

  13. Where should I look regarding applying and learning how to use these strange chords in songs

  14. Is the high e string muted for d7#9 and d7b9 chords?

  15. Javier Cisternas

    i play in the streets you are my hero man, really helping me a lot with the covers, thank you! by the way you have a kickass voice, could yo do a tutorial of the song inner and outer space showed on a terrence mackena documentary?

  16. Great lesson thanks Rob

  17. Haha pointer finger?? You mean index

  18. I love this

  19. Libero Mazzilli

    Thank you very much. The strumming section is perfect and clear. I needed it. 🙂

  20. Great one, txs!

  21. Muito bom!!!

  22. Thanks Rob, I love your videos. The way you always start out with the full song is refreshing. And all your videos are well nuanced, even simple songs I find learning a lot. For example in blowing in the wind tutorial, the walkdowns, etc etc make me feel like I know how to play a song properly. Thanks a lot man. Going to checkout patreon content.

  23. It's Great!!!! Very special Thank for you lessons!

  24. L' Altra Musica

    thank you

  25. donated 500 dollar thank you

  26. Could you please do the acoustic version of Diary Of Jane by Breaking Benjamin? I really want to play that song but only have an acoustic guitar.

  27. Kenny Perschau

    Nice lesson.
    HEY! Is that a Fender Champion 20 behind you, against the wall?

  28. great lesson, thanks.
    Could you do Atom Heart Mother Suite (Funky dung) please ? I would love to learn it

  29. Alberto Nufris

    The best acoustic version of "Breath" I've ever heard! You're great!

  30. joseph humphrey

    one of my favorite songs and a great lesson…..thanks!

  31. As a Pink Floyd fan I must say , thank you☺☺☺

  32. Really good!

  33. Look, play and sing like David Gilmour, and teach even better than he! 🙂

  34. Thank you for this lesson , very good vocals too, very nice…

  35. ok….. now what?

  36. How does one teach when they aren't even playing the song correctly? One of the many issues is, it's not Em, it's Emadd9.

  37. You used CM7 yet, so my suggest is Em9/7.

  38. Good job friend! To colaborate I suggest you to use Em9/7 instead Em, and C7M instead C. Al the best to you!

  39. What mic were you using?

  40. Not to be picky but the 1st chord is Em9 with an up stoke of the strings..

  41. can you do LESSONS by rush ?

  42. Roland Wohlschlegel

    Very Nice👍

  43. Daniel Marques

    This reminds me of Time

  44. שגיא גבע

    great for us, more pink floyd!!!

  45. Great, thanks

  46. Didier Laplace

    Wow , great singing really fantastic and also guitar playing and teaching is great, thx a lot , regards

  47. I wonder if you will follow it into "time"

  48. love…

  49. Erik Lundstrum

    Is there something i can sub for the D7#9? My fingers are unable to make that chord, my pinky cannot move side to side while I'm pushing with my ring finger.

  50. nice one, robin

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