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Play 12 Songs With 2 Chords – Guitar Lesson Video

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With all the chords, strumming patterns, and hundreds of other things there are to learn on the guitar it can seem like playing your favorite songs is a lifetime away. In this beginner guitar lesson, we’re going to take some time to focus on playing the easiest popular songs on the guitar. The songs we’ll be looking at only require you to play two chords and use simple strumming patterns. By the end of this lesson, you’ll have twelve great songs under your belt as a guitarist.

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  1. love music and masti

    thank you… it's quite helpful 🙂

  2. Your lessons are very helpful. I'm learning loads of chords but I'm having so much trouble with the strumming. I can't seem to keep the proper amount of pressure on the strings to create a smooth strumming sound, especially on the strokes. Am I doing something wrong? Can you give me some pointers or is this just one of those "How to you get to Carnegie Hall?" situations? I enjoy your lessons. Thank you, Sandie.

  3. When it shows how to play each chord it also shows what each string should do at the top (like the X above the E string in a few songs meaning not to play it) but what is the significance of a black or white dot?

  4. Nimal Jayatilleke

    So nice of you to produce this video,, Thanks

  5. It’s really sad because it proves the lack of diversity in music industry ☹️☹️☹️🤢

  6. Susanne Cunningham

    Thank you Nate! Your lessons are really clear and helpful and thorough and FUN 🙂

  7. You have the best guitar lessons online. You're such a great communicator and it's a pleasure to watch you and learn with you!

  8. What brand guitar are you playing and what kind of strings are you using?

  9. Why dose everybody

  10. Thanks for the videos so far kindly can you create a video with all the chord the B7 and Bm and any other

  11. In Case You keep coming back here to learn one of the songs:

    Achy Breaky Heart – 1:07
    Jane Says – 3:50
    Dance the Night Away – 6:45
    Fallin' – 8:24
    Born in the USA – 10:00
    Copperhead Road – 11:51
    Jambalaya – 14:33
    Eleanor Rigby – 16:49
    Paperback Writer – 20:07
    Horse with no Name – 21:46
    Dreams – 23:44
    Everyday People – 27:26

  12. No way I'm gonna play Achy Breaky Heart as my first Guitar song, lol

  13. also can u help meee on janes sayyyysssss itssss hardddd

  14. how can u mute the strings without it squeaking? pls answer!!!! im trying to do janes says by janes addiction.

  15. peoplevsradio317

    You are a very good teacher…keeping the song title up the entire time u are showing it would be nice… And maybe talking some of the lyrics would help us recall the song more clearly… But not complaining. Just suggesting…u are great at keeping it simple.

  16. peoplevsradio317

    Can u post a song list with time stamps please?

  17. Have lessons for lefty?

  18. Get guitar tuna . It has the chords in the chords section

  19. The only song I can play is "The More We Get Together" and its very short and only contains D and A chords

  20. Thank you for sharing. These guitar lessons have really helped me

  21. I like that Janes Addiction

  22. his last name is savage whtttt

  23. Love the videos, very helpful

  24. Thanks. It helped my son a lot. Your lessons are really awesome.

  25. "Savage"

  26. I watch a lot of your videos and there're GREAT 😄👍🏼

  27. Thanks a lot, Nate. These videos have been of great help. The way you give those simple advices in order to improve our skills is just amazing! Kudos to you, man. God keeps blessing you that way! (y)

  28. In the minute 13:01 the chords were not the same chords as you play

  29. Cool I like it

  30. Your lessons are great.

  31. Meshuggah Forever

    I know a bunch of chords like A, E, D, Am, G, C, Em, Bm, Cm, Dm, A7, Cadd9 and the F chord almost. Still I can't play a single song. This is how you suck at guitar.

  32. My A major keeps buzzing cause my index is so far from the thread.

  33. wow, that's a lot of great content. thanks for making this!

  34. Christopher Kaesemeyer

    Years ago I used to get email lessons from you. I some how had problems with my old email address and I can no longer log into it. I couldn't remember your name to look you up and this video popped up on my YouTube recommendations today awesome.

  35. Santana would love this video he made an entire career with "The Carlos Santana Secret Chord Progression"

  36. Thank you so much . That was awesome.

  37. Lonnie Christopher

    …GREAT VIDEO…..!!!!

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