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Play TEN guitar songs with two EASY chords | Beginners first guitar lesson


  1. great video….thanks a lot buddy

  2. I'm in my 70,s just
    Started bass. Flat wound
    Strings.Play alittle everyday.
    Pretty soon the fingers get tough. Stay at it.

  3. verry bad

  4. Thank u man i really apreciate your guitar lesson and i learn almost all of it

  5. Who heard a guitar ad halfway through the video

  6. This was the best tutorial so far but the only problem is well might be my guitar is made by a company nubone

  7. Thank you. Very helpful!

  8. You, sir have just taught another person how to play their first guitar chords today 🙂

  9. Ok, now all I have to do is get a guitar .

  10. I live in leeds

  11. ahahaha…since i saw all the comments that your a good teacher for beginners…and you have so many views that proves it…i'll just try and learn what you are teaching , i hope it works to me:)

  12. aesthetic and lame

    the left handed struggles.

  13. Omg Andy

  14. my guitar does not have the same tune on it as yours. Can you post a different in way easier song with a guitar that has six strings plzcmine only has 6.

  15. scomiche is fuckin real and phan too coz why not

    And the 10 songs?

  16. AWESOME. You explained this so well at just the right speed, thanks for put this out there.

  17. I got to know a lot thanks, and u are the bst teacher Awesome ? Thanks for teaching and plz add more videos so that the people who wanna learn guitar ? can learn it more properly and get to know more

  18. Mehrnoosh Khorasani

    You are good and teaching good but its just too much ?

  19. Mehrnoosh Khorasani

    Why you talk so much ?

  20. minakshi waghmare


  21. minakshi waghmare

    where are other 9 songd

  22. Jesus, skip the chord lesson and get on with it

  23. you give out a lot of false information that will confuse new players.

  24. this is a great video ? thank you ? has anyone a trick for changing the chords though? everytime I let go of one side it makes a loud sound as if I would play that sound 🙁

  25. This went way to fast I couldn't keep up when you where singing

  26. I really wanna start learning to play the guitar.But do i need any "musical" knowledge to play the guitar?

  27. super easy to play guitar

  28. Nice video I like this thanks I learned a lot ???

  29. thanks a lot,helped a lot,best guitar video I've watched yet

  30. rklightining lady

    This is soooooo not helpful

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