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Power Chords and Palm Muting: Guitar Lessons for Beginners: Metal: Lesson 1

Hey guys this is my first in a new series of videos I am creating for Metal Guitar For Beginners!!

Here are my essential steps to;

Setup an Amp & Pedalboard
Guitar Tuning
Palm muting Riffs
Beginner power chords.

In this video i will be using my Schecter C-1 Diamond Series guitar with a seymour duncan dimebucker pickup in the bridge, with my Marshall mg30dfx practise amp and Boss Pedalboard with an ibanez tubescreamer and boss noise suppressor in the chain.

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  1. Hopefully in your next video, you cleaned up your tone. Way to much treble, your tone has zero thickness to it.

  2. Thanks! Love your shown emotion in your face 😀

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    I heard that Smells Like Teen Spirit whenever you tee you're guitar… You can't hide it from me

  4. just get a shit ton of tats and piercings…

  5. Hey man, great video would love to see more similar stuff, could you post the tab for that riff at 3:20 ? Thanks!

  6. Geeza crisp…

  7. hey asshole! come visit me brasil

  8. what if u dont have the pedal , u get the same sound ???

  9. Is that a Dimebucker I see in the bridge? 😀

  10. "For Beginners" Pedalboard ( with expensive pedals ) and D Standard tuning … erm … 😀

  11. Okay .. I'm a female and I can't grow a beard but I have everything else… Can I still metal ?

  12. I'll be watching thank you…

  13. been a drummer my whole life. just starting to play guitar. now subscribed. you explain this stuff nicely. excited to keep learning.

  14. Brilliant explanation on palm muting and amp settings! Very helpful for beginners like me.
    I have a question.. it would be great if you can help.
    How does one connect a electric guitar to a multi effects pedal and then again to the amp? My doubt is that there is already gain option on the pedal and there is gain on the amp too. So how does this work?

  15. I have a charvel amp with clean and distortion,and a fender strat what's a plectrum? I'm serious please help I want to learn with what I have for a long time please help thanks

  16. Lol your guitar skill level is ok, but Jesus your practice Amps tone is pro as fuck and shreds!

  17. For starters, you need at least 1000 euro for equipment xD

  18. Holy Cow , Thx . thats what i'm looking for .

  19. Great video mea, keep it up

  20. Dude , thanks for showing the amp settings man, I have a Marshall beginner amp , but it's overdrive knobs, only consists of bass, treble and contour, I'll put the same as used in the video ?

  21. Great tutrial!!

  22. Let's play game, the first one who blinks loses.

  23. new sub here.. wow tnx man

  24. If I have short hair I can't play Metal 😢 ??
    Anyway, I want you to know your videos are very cool for the beginers like me ! Thanks you so much and continue in that way !

  25. Dope videos dude, but could you start to work with microphones because the guitar is loud (nice sound) but youre voice is kinda quiet when you talk.
    Keep it up with youre videos.
    Please show and name your hole guitar setups with humbuckers etc. that would be interesting. =)

  26. Just subbed, really good informative videos man, keep up the good work :_)

  27. thanks for showing the pedal setup, a lot of people don't do that


  29. ive been playing on and off for a year and am a big fan of your videos man. Nice work

  30. Thanks Jamie, totally noob to guitar but long time metalhead. Ive inherited an Ibanez RG and Line 6 Spider amp, so ill definitely be following your videos and getting some practice in. Please keep them coming ! Great job.

  31. Great video! I'm not a beginner but really appreciate this. I've often thought about starting my own video series on beginner level metal guitar playing. I look forward to seeing what comes of this series.

  32. After watching this I realized how weak my guitar tone was.

  33. Christian Andersen

    Great job on the video. I've been meaning to start learning some metal.

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