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Rhythm and Lead Psychology | Tim Pierce | Learn To Play | Guitar Lesson

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Here’s a demonstration on how I conceive and play a rhythm part, and then solo over a chord sequence that’s actually moving pretty constantly.

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  1. Produce Like A Pro

    Wow! This is the most important video on Guitar playing I've seen, this helps me so much both in my own playing and in communicating with other guitar players! Thanks ever so much for posting Tim!

  2. Tim. Great channel, great videos. Here I am just north of your hometown Chimayo. There really is only me w/ a drummer. Sometimes bass but $$$ are not big. People quit. You always have great backing tracks ( 2 guitars, bass, keys & drums) ME? I'm lead singer & I play electric & acoustic. lead & rhythm. How would you approach that situation? It gets to be complicated being the front guy and carrying the instrumental solo parts. Any tips?

  3. Thomas Richmond

    Thanks Tim 👍

  4. Thanks Mr. Tim!!!


    Show de bola Tim…

  6. The Teacher has done it again!

  7. Kwesi Henderson

    love yo playing..cld listen 2 u all day..maybe nt all day but u knw.

  8. Damn good as always!

  9. Cuz you're a Bad Mama Jamma Tim!!! Love your playing, your teaching and your all around vibe!

  10. Is there anything you CAN'T do???? You're out of this universe amazing, Tim! And I learn more from you in a few minutes than I have over years of playing.

    Thank you.

    Mega Respect!

  11. This is great. Thanks Tim

  12. Yo Tim , love the Goatee ! Looks cool ! Love your playing !

  13. Well done–very helpful!

  14. Calvin Edmonson

    You the man Tim. To have the skills and knowledge to unload a flow of notes born from pure feeling is a magical place to be. Well done and thanks.

  15. O my gosh that intro….. 🙂

  16. thank you…..Tim awesome

  17. Master!

  18. i find this guitar ugly compared to a les Paul.

  19. Cool just realized you will be playing at PRS Experience JUNE 8-9 Can you nail down a specific day and time?

  20. Michael Baggett

    Man, that's smooth!

  21. Your an amazing guitarist!

  22. What a perfect timbre

  23. You always have the perfect tone for the musical occasion. Beautiful…

  24. Fatty McFatterson

    Hi Tim – I was wondering how many hours a day you play now and have you ever had any hand problems during your career?

    I was recording sometimes 12-15 hours per day a few years ago and totally destroyed my fretting hand. It's over for me. 30 years of playing, gigging, teaching, recording…wasted (not to mention my only way to make a living).

  25. thanks, Tim, as always great of you to share, please have another session with Jason Scheff sometime soon if you can you two have some good chemistry, The Tim, Pete, and Jason guitar show??hmmmm

  26. Your touch and timing and feeling and sound are perfect!…Ciao From Italy!…

  27. Bad ass funky. You sound like Mark Letteri on this one.

  28. Mariano Ulibarri

    Awesome tim! you´re the best!!

  29. Noice!

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