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Slow and Easy Lead Country Guitar Lesson – Country Lead Guitar Lesson – EP173

To view the 2nd half of this lesson and to download the tablature and the MP3 jam track, visit https://www.activemelody.com/lesson/slow-country-lead-guitar-lesson-in-c-ep173

In this lead country guitar lesson, I’ll show you how to think about playing lead by playing either the minor pentatonic, major pentatonic, or play around chord shapes. I’ll give examples of each of these techniques throughout the guitar lesson.

Here are a few other country lead lessons that I’ve created that follow these techniques:




  1. GunsNGuitars Garza

    some of the most beautiful soulfull melodies come out of this mans fingers

  2. What piece of equipment is used to create that "country" sound? Just can't recreate it with my amp. Thanks for your help

  3. Can some1 tell me this song name?

  4. fantastic melody and remarkably tasteful – thanks for a great lesson.

  5. francis joseph lowry

    is that you ricky me ole son. ?

  6. I didn't catch your name, but I like your guitar playing. Will you go to You Tube and learn to play a song I wrote in memory of Elvis? (Merry Christmas Elvis by James McQueen).. I'll email you the words and chords if needed. Do it for Elvis and all the Elvis fans. mcnell4@att.net Thanks (Mac)

  7. Dr. Kristoffa Robert Ninkama

    Cool. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Escape the Matrix

    Great video. Got yourself a new subscriber.

  9. The best guitar playing i have seen on youtube. i love it and i want to learn it.


    Any chance of the chord progression for the lazy ppl out here ? Anyone ????

  11. A beautiful song but as usual, wayyy too much lip flapping which spoils the lesson.

  12. Billy Corgans voice o.o

  13. Nicely played.

  14. Billygoat Gruff

    Good stuff for sure.

  15. That's just beautiful!

  16. cool good stuff love it thank you for sharingggggg

  17. Fantastic lesson. Unlocked heaps of possibilities.thank you.

  18. THAT….. Is soul..🎢🎸

  19. the greatest man. do you have full solo tunes you play all the way through?

  20. Warren Demartini

    Brian, thanks ur awesome

  21. You captured the true spirit of country music my friend. Almost sounds like a Santo and Johnny song!

  22. A1

  23. Sounds beautiful!

  24. Sweet!!!

  25. Beautiful. I find the slow stuff sometimes more difficult to keep good timing with

  26. Great instruction and what a tear jerker I mean you put some soul it those licks hafta ck out your other lessons

  27. That bit about the major pentatonic- unlocked a lot of doors for me! Now I can play over a backing track!

  28. Or getting the inexpensive modern tele and putting the strat super vee on it after having it routed and mod the heck out of it.

  29. I need a tele in my life. My PRS is o.k. but I so want a souped up tele. I really want to get one routed for a Maverick Super Vee for tele. I like the fact that they use the three traditional brass saddles with the tremelo. and its not super heavy like a Bigsby. I'm thinking about getting an elite tele and doing that upgrade to it.

  30. that is so crazy. I've been figuring this out by ear and U teach the same way I do. It's all about chord tones and singing melodies and tasteful double stops. lately I have been freeing up my mind with the theory that a scale in itself is really just an extended chord. i.e. cdefgabc is really cegbdfac built with thirds of the scale therefore every chord in that scale is just an extention of c.
    i.e. ceg bdf ace gbd fac egb dfa back to ceg. in other words why not think of all of these triads as part of C maj 13

  31. nice lesson! thanks!!

  32. what a nice sound! is that a particular song?

  33. Loved the example it was like white culture blues. Hope you show more

  34. you are a good guitar player. thanks

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