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Space Oddity – David Bowie – Acoustic Guitar Lesson Tutorial (ST-357)

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Space Oddity – David Bowie
More Info: http://www.justinguitar.com/en/ST-357-SpaceOddity-DavidBowie.php
In this guitar lesson tutorial we’re going to learn Space Oddity by David Bowie. Lesson ID ST-357. Really cool song with interesting chords, cool rhythms and just all kinds of awesome. This lesson covers the acoustic parts and I’ll revisit the tasty electric solos another time!


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  1. Blubb Blubbersberg

    You look like a slightly older Steve Rogers…

  2. So great to finally be able play this song. RIP Starman 🙁

  3. Ozan Kalelioglu

    Is the drumming pattern always the same or does it change ?

  4. learn your accords, you say d7 and it is an e7

  5. buena musica me gusto like si te gusto

  6. thanks sooo much for all your teaching, it makes a huge impact on my progressing as a player , you are a fine gentleman, all the best to you,Jay.

  7. When you play Am/G does it matter if finger 4 mutes the A string?

  8. Always a pleasure watching your pedagogic tutorials. Your dedication and respect/love for the songs are bloody compelling and inspirational . It's also really fascinating looking up your tutorials of (quite simple) songs I've learned long time ago, just to realise that I (as and exemple) really need to shape up on my old lazy strumming technique. Keep up the good work, Justin!

  9. Crazy Rider Leo


  10. Simon Hilton-Lewis

    Justin, just so you and everyone else know, the opening chords are Fmaj7 and Em, not C and Em. It only drops down to the C when you sing the first line

  11. Muji Sembahulun

    You are a bad tutor

  12. Никита Залесский

    You're really awesome friend!

  13. Hey justin, best lesson by far of all of them on youtube. The only complaint i have is in less your just learning (e.g.) never picked up a git. In your life you are over explaining everything. All the muting with the down ups down ups ect.ect.ect and going into redundent finger positioning of the chords is not good in fact it's down right distracting & boring. Again no disrespect , you are teaching us the song perfectly & that is much appreacieated. Why not just tell us to use the full bars for instance instead of all that thumb over stuff, sooner or later these newbees are gonna have to learn their bars anyway ,& in the long run it's much easeier, even on the f-fmin.. Again no disrespect i only use your lessons bro. They are hands down the best. Peace ,love & out your friend , brother , & student. Steve.

  14. David Bowie would be smiling at you from Heaven Above.

  15. Can I do this with electric too?

  16. MrPeaceandLiberty

    After thirty+ years of acoustic playing, I am kicking myself just now learning this classic tune.

    You make learning these songs a real joy.

    I never noticed before, of all the times I've heard Space Oddity, how much it seems Bowie was channeling Bo Diddley!

  17. aman chaturvedi

    I still prefer Alan Robinson

  18. i have thoroughly enjoyed this video. been on loop all day my friend. it secured you a new subscriber!

  19. Maximiliano Pagliero

    Question: 7:40 Do we follow the same strumming pattern? Down, up – down, up – up – down – down – up – down ? Or did he change it?

  20. i am in love with this song, thanks for this!

  21. Justin I have recently found your site….its FANTABULOS ! Many many Thanks!

  22. claudio chiarini

    Just…. iN.1!

  23. Well done man, I've learned this song thanks to you, you've covered it all.

  24. I really appreciate that you show how David played it himself..Although his F chord is not for me 🙂 Good job

  25. i lost my boyfriend, this was his favourite song and artist, besides velevet underground and kinks…we shared a lot of music and painting interests, now i have the memories and i am gonna play them! thank you friend so much for inspiration and tutoring!

  26. Hey Justin! Im new to your channel but I will be back. Great video! Very helpful for begginers. Thank you (Gotta love David Bowie!)

  27. Umut Topaloğlu


  28. Dude, please, do you have these chords written down? It would make the process much easier… I'm trying to write the chords through your video but I had to redo it 4 times. =/ Thanks mate and congratulations for the teaching!

  29. what type of B chord are you playing at 2:11 ? seems to be a different one than the regular B you play later on in the video…

  30. hey Justin, awesome lesson. was wondering, if you actually have a youtube with you just singing and playing. or thought I heard you say you had a band when you play, is there a link to actually hear you?

  31. This was going really well for me and then the F bar chord showed up

  32. OK cool I picked up 2 things right away Am7 pick up lo E scratch pick up the string for intermetzo NICE 🙂 I knew you would give me something !!!

  33. Thanks for that one.

  34. Kevin Schweikhart

    You're an excellent teacher!

  35. Tomasz Szczegola

    Spot on, as always! Thank you.

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