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“Stand by Me” Guitar Lesson – Ben E. King – Easy Beginner Acoustic Songs for Guitar

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  1. If love to learn Sexy by Bobby Saint from you.

  2. How about the Drifters Save the Last Dance for me.

  3. Marty, love your videos and these have been a massive help for me when learning guitar. You technique is so easy to follow, just wish my teacher was as good!

  4. Mohammed Ghallab

    Please make a video on We were raised under grey skies by jp cooper

  5. pls photosynthesis by korantemma x

  6. That was great. I like the slap and the walking down to EM from the bass strings E and A the way you did. Looks pretty easy, going to give it a shot tomorrow. Well you make it look easy, I'll have to get back with how easy it was for me. 😂

  7. what your name guitar sir ?? i want to play guitar it's pretty cool i think

  8. Love hurts form incubus? Thank you was great lesson again!

  9. Marty amazing video, you really make it look easy. I knew the lyrics of this song because is one of my favorites and now thanks to this video I also know how to play it with my guitar. However I really cannot believe it's so difficult for me to sing and play at the same time, really i cannot. I guess I need more practice with the guitar to not need to be so focused on it.

  10. Hi, How about your interpretation of "Save The Last Dance For Me" by the Drifters?

  11. Wayne Thompson

    Enjoying the new channel Marty. I picked up some of your wallet stuff when I just started, but thought you were a little fast. We're both better now and I'm enjoying and following the variations you offer.

  12. Larry Wimberley

    Hello..Im beginning to hear very negative things about YouTube.. I am very pro first amendment and they are shutting down videos of people posting their opinions and legal activities while failing to remove videos of illegal activities such as drug use. Im trying to find another channel to watch. Would you please consider posting your excellent guitar videos on minds.com? Thanks!

  13. Father and Son
    by cat stevens

  14. johnny uriostegui


  15. Peter Sandstrom

    Thanks Marty! One of my faves, especially the way John Lennon played it!

  16. Marty Martinez, yasss!

  17. I absolutely love your lessons. I've become addicted. But there is a song you have haven't posted a lesson for that I would love to see your take on. Most of the lessons I've found on it are not as easy to follow along as your videos are. I love this song, and I want to master it. It's Watch Over You by AlterBridge / Miles Kennedy. Thanks as always for your awesome work!

  18. You chuck too much bro

  19. Could you show me Blues Stay Away From Me

  20. Great job on this song, I learned it a few weeks ago exactly as you showed it.

  21. Spencer Fisher

    Marty I've got a question for you can you show how to combine this song with U2 I still haven't found what I'm looking for?

  22. matthew hannan

    Umpires McGee- in the kitchen

  23. Please upload the lesson of How am I supposed to live without you- Michael Bolton

  24. khalid johnson

    get you by daniel caesar

  25. please, pls can you do a tutorial on the song we can always come back???…thanks

  26. Spencer Fisher

    Marty, can you please show how to play Barrett baber version of " I'd love to lay you down " I've only seen one but it's not the way he plays it with the capo. I know it's a different genre music but it's a good mix. Thanks

  27. Hi, your Chanel is simply great, love to learn: part of the process, morecheeba, waiting, George michael and local hero dire straits,

  28. Fool in the rain by Led Zeppelin

  29. could you do a video on waiting on june by holly williams

  30. I wanna learn more from you

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