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Super Easy Electric Guitar Songs For Beginners | 10 Simple Songs With Tabs

This video will show you how to play songs by AC/DC, Rage, Black Sabbath, The White Stripes and more!!!
My proven teaching method that works great for beginners works something like this – finding super easy electric guitar songs for beginners, but putting them in a PROGRESSION.

So for example:
1) Start with bass lines and single note riffs – these are easy and attainable. It gets the fingers moving, and gets you practicing reading tab. Here I’ve included some super easy songs that are perfect for beginners including note for note riffs from Rage Against The Machine songs which are definitely super easy electric guitar songs for beginners – but sound powerful and cool!

2) Move up to power chords – these are 2 note chords that are some very important electric guitar techniques. Electric guitar songs like TNT, I love rock n roll, Iron man and more

3) Once the power chords and single note riffs are getting solid – AND ONLY THEN – You can move up to full chords – I have a bunch of videos on chords too

This is a method of learning the guitar that has been proven successful. When I graduated music college in 2008, I immediately started teaching the guitar. Since then, I have watched this method of learning work for literally thousands of people. So make sure you stick to that exact order if you want success!

I hope I’ve showed you some cool, new, inspiring guitar stuff! Now the ball is in your court, it’s on you to practise these things. Even if it’s just 5 minutes a day, you’ll get there!

Thanks for watching!


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  3. its great i love 7 nation army now

  4. What's the intro song?

  5. I play seven nation army by staying on the low e string and playing these frets 7,7,10,7,5,3,1

  6. This is a good video for beginners but "7 Nation Army" start at the 12th fret. Its hard to learn a song one way (you cant do some of the notes the way you do it) when its completed at a different note level

  7. BEST GUITAR TUTORIAL. You're the only person I can learn from

  8. Валеріан Ємець

    Thank you, Jesus

  9. what is the solo in the beginning?

  10. So glad I came across this video, thanks so much!

  11. I wonder if I get it in sheets to see it better…

  12. Jesus Christ hold still I'm gonna hurl

  13. YourLoveIsMyHeroin

    the number 1 best video on guitar

  14. when doing tnt there is so much rattle from his strings

  15. I learned how to play guitar from Jesus

  16. That fretbuzz is kinda annoying :

  17. This is an amazing guitar lesson, so easy to understand! Thank you!

  18. Thanks for the tips and help

  19. I thought ill never playing anything ? thanks a lot

  20. What does the 0 mean? Is it a pause?


  22. Martin Mose Larsen

    Either I have an EXTREMELY hard time learning anything from this, or guitar players have NO IDEA what it is to be a beginner.

    :-O 🙂

  23. Play more AC DC!!!

  24. Thank you this vid was so helpful

  25. Can you do one for Metallica Master of Puppets?

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  27. Cassandra Elsamad

    And Thunderstruck and You shook me all night long

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