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Sweet Caroline – Guitar Lesson – Neil Diamond Easy 3 chord Song Tutorial

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  1. Andy Ive been enjoying your lessons but I bounce around a lot lol anyhow is there anywhere in your site that tells what notes and chords belong in each Key?Thanks Keith

  2. I've been following your lessons closely. Thank you so much from Calgary, Canada. You are awesome.

  3. Brilliant tutorial! Thank you! Sweet Caroline is a kareoke classic in my family!

  4. Excellent Andy. Thanks for that one

  5. Bro you're tops mate. Like easiest teacher. 1 Suggestion can you put those images that show what fingers go on which Frets? Awesome work man keep it up 🙂

  6. Thank you so much I am just a beginner but you have helped me so much thank you

  7. Hey. You are becoming my new hero😁 I have just got my first ever guitar at 44 years old and I can't stop watching your tutorials. They are so easy to follow and understand. THANKS and well done

  8. Terrific T Family

    Your videos are so intuitive which makes me pick up the guitar and keep practicing. Only beginning, however feel like I'm progressing nice thanks to your input. Recommending you all the time. Thanks a mill!

  9. miyanda michelo

    Thanks Andy, your lessons are easy to follow. I watch your videos even when am not practicing. I started 3 weeks ago and my friends think I am a natural and I recommend you always.

  10. Thegoat Frusciante

    You are the best Andy, guitar was intimidating and hard to stick with at first. But when i found your videos it made everything so much easier and fun. Can't put down my guitar now haha.

  11. Darrell Mortensen

    Andy I hope you make it big time where your known by just your first name big. I believe you've got the "it". Thank you for the great lessons.

  12. Darrell Mortensen

    understanding the beat of a song is so important. Go super slow if that what it takes playing until you "get it" too many students do not get that.Even if you have to play the song 500 times it will eventually click for you, then much quicker for other songs.

  13. hi andy I just purchase beginners lessons going ok, I download them you advise that I get the book?

  14. amazing!!🤘

  15. I jumped to this 2nd level and almost kept up .Thanks for your singing and calling out the chords. No one else bothers . I have been searching for what to buy for a written lesson book and think I have found your book and DVD. I really had fun on this one! Thanks. Johnny Cash fan here in San Diego.

  16. I always thought it was c(ayeee)po

  17. You have such a beautiful voice….and I learn from you easily…

  18. who needs a book when we have youtube…


    excelent movie

  20. youtubingwithyou

    Neil Diamond fanatic here. Sweet Caroline was the first song I wanted to learn on my new acoustic guitar. Thanks for this video. Still learning to fret the chords correctly as well as changing chords quickly enough, but I'm proud of my accomplishment after only three weeks.

  21. It's E CHORD strong

  22. I love this series I find it so annoying that I can only play the boring songs in my books NOW IM FWEEE

  23. thomas schommer


  24. amazing dude, im gonna show this channel to my music class

  25. how to i get the lesson book

  26. hi! could you possibly teach the easy chords of lonestar song "amazed" pls.? tnx!

  27. Procras10eighter 1992

    While we do use prechorus in the US, it's normally something that's different from the bridge. And while we do commonly use the term "bridge", it's often interchanged with "interlude".

  28. Great lesson. Thanks Andy!

  29. mark jordan photography

    I can't play a7 your way can't i just barre the four strings?

  30. Michael Gillen

    Sperpus maximus sweet Caroline

  31. can u teach jack johnson songs on guitar that would be rly good ty 🙂

  32. Thanks Andy, you make it very interesting. Merry Christmas.

  33. Thanks AG!

  34. Hassan Abykhres

    thank you for this.. with your videos, I GOT THIS!! 🙂 You have a lovley voice too man.
    keep it up brother

  35. great stuff andy!

  36. its irrelevant but is that an A3 Yamaha?

  37. u make me remember my brother, he is not here now… nice song and voice

  38. Andy, some teachers teach,and some teach incredibly well. you're incredibly well! thanks.

  39. Barbara Christian

    I thought I ordered your song book but I didn't get it. Barbara

  40. nibble peaches

    Very helpful! Not many people break it down and make it as easy as you. Your song choices are great as well. Gotta love the classics. I love how you show the strumming patterns. Most videos don't tell you the strumming pattern, which leaves me confused. You are an amazing teacher!

  41. Matthews Gaming


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