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Tapping Bass Tutorial

Learn to tap on the bass. Download tabs & track: http://mannybass.com/techniques/tapping.php Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=manuel118215


  1. When I do tapping on my bass on one fret two notes come out instead of one and it sounds rather dissonant. Also, is the amp required for this technique?

  2. Jayson Embestro

    i have a bass guitar but it's just a 4 string

  3. What song was that which u played on the first part?? It just got me

  4. Can one learn tap on a bass with not powerful pickups? Or must it be an expensive one with high sensitivity active pickups? None of my basses seem to allow me to tap. Maybe its me

  5. That was fantastic. I got so much out of this. Thanks!!!

  6. Good stuff

  7. Thank you so much for this ! I'm a six string player, and have been trying to figure out how to tap chords properly for awhile now. Awesome, thanks !

  8. Somebody Dropped The Bass

    Great stuff! Just subscribed…
    What brand and model is your bass sir?

  9. great vid thanks a lot

  10. That little melody at the beginning sounded beautiful

  11. thanks manny


  13. Hey dude, Im a pretty experienced guitarist just learning how to do this stuff, got any suggestions on things I could do to really learn this stuff? All I have right now is a 4 string bass, but, I'll probably get a 6 string soon enough.

  14. solo yo en mi musica

    manoo has ese video en español valeeeeeee no sea asii

  15. This is exceptional! I only have a 5 sting bass but I was able to apply the same technique by playing up higher on the fret-board (possible with any bass that has 24 frets). I always thought that tapping involved some magical fluid like cyclical motion similar to arpeggio sweeps but this video really showed me that its nothing like that at all. It reminds me of how piano hammers strike the strings to create a sound (hence the name "tapping"), and you don't need to use all your fingers either when doing so. By pausing at each new part I played the parts slowly at first and within 15 minutes I could do most of these parts. That Latin beat is really fun. I'm adding these techniques to my daily practice routine and subscribing too. Thank you so much for posting this video Mannybass, this has influenced my bass playing immensely.

  16. am like thisssssssssssssss…………god job

  17. Ijidakinro Gideon

    tanx a lot for making it simple, the Lord increase u more and more, was stuk for quite a while, but no one to rily explain simple things like this. tanx i rily appreciate this teachings. pls keep us updated as the Lord leads…lols😁

  18. Mario fernando orrego peña


  19. José Damián Bazaga Ruiz

    That was really good, I got lot of things from this tutorial. Automatic subscribed.

  20. Very helpful video, keep it up!!

  21. Def Sub. I need him as a teacher

  22. Graeme Robertson

    "Tapping just consists of striking the frets with your finger tips" No it doesn't from a beginners point of view. The whole point of a tapping lesson should be to explain how to get decent volume, how high the tapping fingers should be above the fret board, how you remove the tapping fingers from the fret board, what amp settings to use, what string guage to use etc right from the start and show some exercises for building up tapping stength. You are going straight on to riffs and just glossing over the actual technique.

  23. I love every bit of the tutorial, and I must comments you guys

  24. Arcendu Carrillo

    porque no esta en español :c

  25. Thanks manny, awesome

  26. edoardo fasiello

    thank you manny

  27. u r my sir…love u sir …Happy teachers day for u sir .

  28. man, you are the best

  29. Samille Johnson

    Thanks man for the video. Very informative.

  30. Declan Cyan / Ariose Obstinacy

    Because of this video, I think I'm gonna have to challenge myself to attempt to play Eruption only on bass. Haha! Thank you very much, good sir.

  31. Nice Smith

  32. me encantaria verlo en castellano Hno Manny :,)
    aún así me sirvió mucho el vídeo 🙂
    saludos desde Argentina, Dios te ama Amigo!

  33. Love the video! New to bass and your videos make it very easy to learn. Just Subscribed.

  34. Disney Jazzcore

    9 frets down? correct me if im wrong but shouldn't the fifth and octave be 2 frets from the place you originally positioned them and brought down to 8 frets instead of 9?

  35. Strange Slaves & Masters

    en verdad muchas gracias amigo…..

  36. "Pleeeeease subscribe!"
    Okay, subscribed =)

  37. Exactly what I was looking for, great lesson!

  38. man, you're the best!

  39. Whenever I try to tap on my bass it takes so much effort, and I have to put a lot of pressure on the strings only to get a faint sound. In the video he makes it look like it requires no effort whatsoever. Is it my bass or technique?

  40. Very cool lesson,,,,,, check out my two handed taping version of purple haze

  41. Hi Manny thanks for posting the video it helps a lot! I'm currently having trouble with the harmonics sounding when I tap the string, any suggestions?

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