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The BEST Beginner Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson

Download the FREE Fingerstyle 101 Tabs & Course Guide: http://tonypolecastro.com/free-fingerstyle-101-tabs-course-guide/

1. Finger Familiarity and Technique (6 min) Lesson Video: https://youtu.be/nYWzZ7BM8pA
How to use your fingers when fingerpicking so you can become familiar with the strings and hit the correct one when playing. This lesson will familiarize your picking hand fingers with the strings. You will learn the “golden rule” of traditional fingerpicking, which finger is responsible for which string, as well as learn how to read fingerpicking notation on the tablature staff.

These are the easiest 6 fingerstyle/fingerpicking steps to playing your first fingerstyle song. When you complete these 6 fingerstyle guitar lessons you’ll be prepared to play an easy beginner arrangement of Freight Train, probably the most popular and widely known classic fingerpicking songs ever!

So stick with me over the next 7 days. Take your time with these guitar lessons. Put in a few minutes each day, and play your first fingerstyle song by the end of the week. Lets go have some fun! – Tony

Lessons 1 through 6: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYWzZ7BM8pA&list=PL8jYLoDm3lMxT55kPqWtwtFN4KOEHsMkU


  1. stop talking too much

  2. Am I too late to start learning how to play guitar? (I'm 20)
    I feel like I won't learn it as quickly or efficiently as I could've years ago.

  3. post malone actually taught people to play guitar

  4. Tony is smart guy

  5. I expect to learn by example. What I find just a 'how to talk' tutorial

  6. So can u make tutorial what is the best lesson for beginner of learning guitar.is it memorizing the chord or fingers picking or etc.

  7. Western Musicians Are So Cool..
    ''Rules Are Meant to be broken.''
    Here in India if you even breath in wrong place you are doing it wrong.

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    Edit:Actually don't forget guitar I really wanna learn…

  9. Kishanraaj Kathiraso

    Thanks Man

  10. Why 3 fingers and not 4 ?

  11. Thanks man for this good lesson

  12. Bojrodeepan Purkayastha

    Tony, I'm a beginner. An absolute beginner in learning guitar so I'm being taught how to play guitar using a plectrum. It's been only 2 months now. But I wanna learn faster. Your videos has done a great deal for me. I appreciate it all so much. Thank you 😊

  13. wtf!!! too much explaination

  14. thanx bro …..can always count on you

  15. Sandip Dhankecha

    Thank you

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  26. is it a problem when i cant play the g chord with my little finger…

  27. too much talking

  28. would it perhaps make sense to assign two strings for each finger? Thumb for E and A, index for D and G, and middle for B and E?

  29. Fradely D. Ventura

    Wowow 7 minutes lost jearing you speaking

  30. Fradely D. Ventura

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  31. is it free? i mean no charge after i submit my email? sorry, just got paranoid

  32. do you need a specific different guitar for finger picking style ? or any guitar is fine ? I have an electric one.

  33. Shahnawaz Sardar

    Thank you so much Tony sir

  34. U look like Post Malone with the beard,hair and the tatoos

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