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  1. What a shite channel. 6 fucking minutes of bullshite. Fuck this guy and fuck this channel.

  2. stop advertising what a pile of crap

  3. Shut the fuck up and get to the info.

  4. Holy plugs

  5. Shut ur noisy blah blah bro …too much bluff

  6. My first guitar was a Godin SD. It was pretty cool.

  7. Trying to get a guitar for a friend

  8. so should i get an acoustic or an acoustic electric and do acoustic electric guitars require an amp or can i get by without one

  9. Who is watching this in 2004

  10. To skip to actually someone telling you what's best for you just skip YouTube they have jack shit on here so go to an actual guitar shop (make sure they don't make your buy one of the most expensive ones)

  11. The dude at the begging of the video needs t o know that we dp n't want his personal info.

  12. yeah epiphone XD

  13. GREAT PRO MO thanks we need this. local help

  14. Can You Hook Up some vets from bay pines VA ?

  15. stop fucking blablabing and get into the fucking subject

  16. Is the background guitar noise adding anything to this?

  17. What is the name of the black guitar?

  18. WOW…..this Idiot is to be gone with. Cold weather should make one warm up a bit. I always knew meth was really getting bad In that area….shame!

  19. You lost me in the first 20 seconds with the yelling and screaming…

    Two minutes into the video, the yelling is still going on… without one bit of information on buying a guitar…

    Note to self… When a video gets half as many thumbs-down as it gets thumbs up, dive at the "back button" without hesitation… In the parlance of our time, "I'm outta' here".

  20. Want to hear your opinion on this guys. I found a used Yamaha C40 and question is, do you think this is a good guitar for this price range? (check pics)

  21. Fully talking bullshit…..just advertising fucking brands

  22. Stormtrooper of Death

    IMO, you should try and buy a used name-brand guitar that was made somewhere other than China because you can be guranteed its not total crap for around the same amount of money as a new beginner guitar.

  23. I suggest avoid the cheap guitars as a beginner, you dont have to aim for the high end guitars but buy an 600-800 eur/$ guitar because you will loose interest in guitars in general if you play on a cheap one. The cheap ones dont sound good, dont feel good and have really bad quality… I used to own as my first guitar an Squier affinity series strat, and sold in after few months because it got boring and i lost interest in guitar for few year. I started to play guitar again when i tried an 800 euro ibanez, oh boy after i played that ibanez i started to love guitars more than ever…

  24. Saw Appetite for Destruction, hells yeah

  25. At 12:00, Do you see these 3 little white things? Seriously?

  26. dont forget to be realistic – you will need to do some work whichever method you choose for learning to play Guitar
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  27. There are some suggestions for learning to play guitar
    Decide exactly why you wish to learn guitar
    Try to play guitar eachday
    Decide which process works for you best.
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  28. literally 1/3 of the video is shit talking

  29. I didn't learn anything except . I need to go to Chicago for a guitar. Can't fit that in my buget

  30. If the guys at Sam Ashe and Guitar Center could explain as well as the guy in the middle of this video and not act so smug they could have sold me a guitar.

  31. at least half the video if not more is a bunch of bs talk I hate videos where people do not get straight to the point, you say that you are not going to waist more of my time than why right afterwords you show a dude talking about his stupid shop that no one cares about? and if you think you are wasting our time by saying something than DON'T say it simple no?

  32. I have went thru about 5 videos about entry guitars now.
    I somehow found this trend that all guitar channels have shitty video editing skill….

    And thank you for the top comment for providing the timestamp.

  33. ugh he talks to much

  34. the first five minutes is absolutely fucken shit . what a tosser

  35. First five minutes are a complete waste of time….skip them….they're irrelevant.

  36. Is fender a named brand that I could trust?



  39. so how is the yamaha fg310? it only costs £100 but the message seems to be that guitars under £300 are crap.

  40. What about ESP?

  41. uses a stratocaster for demo, doesn't even mention the tremolo

  42. How like nirvana

  43. You talking too much

  44. i bought an ibanez gio.was my decision right?

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