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  1. U r so beautiful

  2. ProgressiveThrasher

    The guide is really encouraging for beginners, BUT 😛 I'd like to add, that, the more expensive the guitar a beginner can buy the better. If you can spend more, but are hesitant because you dont know if you're gonna stick to it, just do it. That may be the reason you keep playing. A dearer guitar will be more motivational, and if you don't wanna actually keep playing it will have a higher resale value. And the next most important tip imo, is to do research and learn what guitar is for what genre. For example if you're going to be playing metal, and you like teles, you should have the knowledge that it's probably not going to sound like you want it to after you start differentiating between tones (due to the single coil pickups mainly). The same with a Jackson soloist for example which is loaded with duncan distortions and whatnot. If you're gonna be playing country with that, you shouldnt really be expecting the best tone out of it FOR THAT TYPE OF MUSIC. My 2 cents on the subject 😛

  3. 3:19 Why not just change the strings if they're rusty?

  4. Remember when i lost your epiphone, oops

  5. Great videos! I came across your channel literally one minute ago and looks awesome! SUBSCRIBED. Keep up the good work. 🙂 Best of luck! -Josh

  6. good advice emma

  7. ❤❤❤

  8. Samantha Kathleen'

    Loving all of your videos lately!

  9. Thanks for youre advice Emma

  10. Carly but really BATMAN

    Awesome advice on guitar shopping/purchasing!

  11. Greeting, Emma.

  12. i love u ?

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