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Top 5 Must Know Bass Riffs For Beginners

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This lesson I cover my top 5 most popular riffs for beginning bass guitarists. We’re going to be looking at:
1. Another One Bites The Dust – Queen 1:10
2. Stand By Me – Ben E King 15:16
3. Billie Jean – Michael Jackson 29:51
4. Come As You Are – Nirvana 33:53
5. Sunshine Of Your Love – Cream 38:29

Riffs are a great way to get started on bass because they are relatively quick to learn (quicker than full song) and they’re usually quite catchy. So you can play them to your friends and feel like a rock star!


  1. Your barber a beginner, too?

  2. what is the tuning for it

  3. Thanks man you're awesome 🙂

  4. yeah.. why must u wasting time talking too much… can u just straight to the point n less talking please..

  5. Lo peor de todo es que estas ya me las se D: igual me gustó el tuto !

  6. The First and the Fourth Finger….A.k.a. the Metal Fingers^^

  7. I learned Another One Bites The Dust, Money and Seven Nation Army by myself!


  8. When you start the video and you see a giant "ass" in the background…

  9. If peter Kay and Eminem had a son…..

  10. Okay maybe don't just stare into the camera

  11. I didnt do it, i didnt, i did nawt!
    Oh hi mark nice video

  12. I can't believe how I managed to play all…. thank God for TalkingBass…

  13. Thank you so much for posting. This was the first thing AFTER tuning my new bass. Love it!

  14. Subscribed

  15. I'm so tempted on buying a bass… I bought my guitar so I could play my favorite video game themes, but some of the songs have some kick ass bass lines too, and really wanted to feel what is like to play them also.

  16. Thank you for taking your time to make these videos, I really like your teaching style.

  17. Any techniques for fingerings? I can play it, but my fingers get confused and I use different ones then they ache from stretching. Any tips?

  18. I haven't found a better instructional for beginners. You don't overlook anything and you go in depth without showing off or being remotely condescending. It's fantastic, thanks

  19. Great tutorial! Thank for taking your time to teach the basics, it never gets old and reminds the importance of them when the primary instinct is to rush learning new songs.

  20. How can I get beginning of lessons from you? I like to learn how to play bass guitar. please help me. Thank you,,

  21. Thanks for teaching us noobs! We appreciate the detail.

  22. Longview Longview Longview Longview and Longview. That's all you need to know.

  23. apolinario fontiveros

    Great for beginners like me thanks a lot

  24. Wow queen

  25. What about Seven Nation Army

  26. When I play the last note from the another one bites the dust bass line I alway have natural harmonics ringing in the background, is there anything I can do about them?
    Your lessons are really helping me transitioning from classical guitar to bass guitar. ^^

  27. Uggggh i want a bass so baaad

  28. This is my kind of pace and well done taking trouble to explain some technique things like choking the note etc as you say get these things right from the start then less bad habits

  29. Need a really good tutorial of Tonics Casual Affair

  30. Guitar player learning bass for the first time. Great tutorial for some quick and easy bass riffs for starting players. Appreciate your work. Wish me luck…:)

  31. What bass is that?

  32. Svyatoslav Smirnou

    I'm so mad how do I exercise my fingers to press the strings properly cause my 4th finger is to weak and i cant press down the strings properly

  33. Is that bass clean? It sounds awesome!

  34. I'd like to point out that in the riff for "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen, that it starts with the 7th not the 5th fret and the goes to the 5th not the 3rd, and then the 3 open notes and so on. also, it only does what i just said 2 times, and and the goes to playing it starting with the 3 open notes, without plucking on the 7th or 5th frets, and does that 3 times before the lyrics start

  35. what is in between the pickups on your Ibanez?

  36. by far the best teacher on youthube the fact he slows it down and shows you each individual step is the best bit

  37. I guess I can waste 43 minutes of my life. I'm not doing anything with it anyway?

  38. Thank you sooooo much! You explained that absolutely great that me as a bloody beginner could follow perfectly!

  39. He looks like a gay, european, eminem, good vid

  40. José Alberto Salgado

    One of the best music lessons (more than a perfect bass lesson) I´ve ever seen. Many many thanks! One can feel a warm welcome to the instrument, following this.

  41. Stand by me is in A, not in G! Listen to the original

  42. Mark, you're a great teacher! Thanks so much! You take the time to show EVERYTHING there is to know about these riffs: fret position, fingerings, rhythm pattern, etc. I have found nobody who is as thorough in teaching beginners as you are!

  43. when I play come as you are and I'm switching between strings, I get an ugly echo. how can I prevent this easily?

  44. Arroyo Grande Valley Kiwanis

    Hi! I really like your video. I've looked at a lot of videos, but had more progress with your video and added in tips! Thanks!

  45. I'm trying to learn these on the upright bass wish me luck

  46. my bass sounds different than yours and its in tune

  47. Cutting notes short isthe hardest thing for me right now. Obviously I am a beginner lol

  48. doctor: you have 43:08 minutes to live

  49. ですしおすし

    translate into JP, plz

  50. Project-awesome customs

    15 minutes for another one bites the dust! man he is thorough (that's not a bad thing)

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