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Top 5 myths about learning bass

I’ve been playing bass now for around 20 years, which has been long enough for me to hear about every bizarre myth there is when it comes to learning the bass…

I thought it’d be fun to film a quick video for you focusing on some of the most common ones… in fact, my top 5!

The unfortunate thing is that these common myths can actually do damage to your progression as a bassist as they can make you doubt yourself, or simply throw you off the right track. Hopefully this video will help you focus on what’s actually important – hard work, practice, keeping inspired, and enjoying every minute of it.

As always, see you in the shed…

Scott 🙂

PS. And for giggles… here are my top 5 myths that are NOT related to bass playing… (for the bass version watch the video!)

• Humans use only 10% of their brains
• Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb
• There is no gravity in space
• If you shave your hair, it returns thicker and faster (are you kidding me, lol!)
• The great wall of China is the only man-made structure visible from space

Anyway… enough of those shenanigans… check out the video for the top 5 myths about learning bass!


  1. As the guitarist in my band i gotta say i have a lot of respect for the bass, i dont even dare to touch the damn thing, i'd be terrible

  2. Christoffer Olsen

    paul gary also used a pick

  3. i got my first bass for 100 quid . it hasn't broken yet so its fine . it does not matter how much it costs.

  4. its easier to learn but the hardest to master]

  5. Jake Warrington - GFX, Cinematics and More!

    I think the bass sounds much better with a pick

  6. you have an exceptionally shiny head

  7. Thank so much for bringing up the pick thing. It's a musical instrument and it's possibilities should never be limited

  8. good but what if this said person is poor as fuck and cant afford a bass cause he has his eyes on a martin guitar? what should that said person do?

  9. my great uncle is almost 70 years old and he wants me to teach him how to read notes

  10. i got a fender clone a few months ago and i love it to death

  11. i use a pick but not very much

  12. Great video thanks!

  13. Guitar is harder to learn than bass…

  14. I play guitar and bass, I can say for sure that guitar is harder than bass

  15. why do u use a glove I always ask it to me

  16. Should I learn Bass for my first instrument?
    Or should I do an easier one first, like tambourine.

  17. you would think bass would be easier cause there is only four strings, but it is like learning quantum physics. Just like you hear punk rock is easy just learn three chords and your ready to go! but, not on bass, then you get one bass teacher to tell you to only use your fingers, a second bass teacher who tells you just use a pick, when really your just dieing to know how to slap bass. It is frusterate ing. you play like 6 hrs a day for three months straight then get angery cause it doesn't seem like your getting better or faster then put the bass in the closet fo 3 months then decide I'm to lazy to quit and go at it again.

  18. basic mario tu-toriales

    Wow, you blew my mind, thank you so much!!!!

  19. I learnt the guitar and found it hard, have been learning the bass for a while, and found it MUCH easier than the guitar

  20. Hey are u taking a shit when u are playing bass
    Lol but u are good
    But i cant teach u
    A Latin style bass guitar
    Show time….?????????

  21. 1 Minute into this video… nah guitar is more interesting. Bye

  22. Christoffer Olsen

    why shulden you be abel to play bass with a pick? you can do with every other stringed instrumendt?(sorry about my grammar)


  24. Artie the Swolest Man in the World

    Man I could swear I was playing toejam and earl listening to you dude

  25. number one is true. i play both and i can say that for a fact

  26. Gah I gotta brush up on music theory but bass seems so cool and worth it!

  27. Is it or are you playing NIB?

  28. Bass is easier to learn than the guitar

    But to master, on the other hand

  29. I was thinking about starting bass lessons but now after watching this I'm not so sure it seems kinda hard I was only gonna do it for some fun because I like its sound but now I feel like it will be hard and maybe a bit stressful I dont want alot of work on me right now as I have enough work with school I was hoping that this could be a fun break from the stress of school but if its alot of work it will be more stressful then fun for me

  30. I have tried to learn to play the guitar, but I can not, I have problems of coordination, and seeing that the bass is harder than the guitar … good time to resign me

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