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Walking Bass Lesson – Beginner #1 – with Scott Devine (L#61)


  1. Ok, Scott did a good job of explaining basics, but what he didn't exactly say is that each step should be practiced for several hours over many tunes.  First, you need to learn (at a minimum) the names of the notes on the 4th and 3rd strings. Then you need to take a fake book a practice a whole bunch of songs with just root/5th until you are rock solid, and then do root/3rd for a few hours.  Then a few hours of root/5th and root/3rd together.  You need to do this until you know it better than your own mother.  Then you need to find a crappy jazz band to play along with so you can learn and make mistakes. Ultimately, you will need to learn to read music on the bass, and you will need to learn music theory.  The competent comping jazz bass player is a music theory wizard and not many have the stomach to go the distance.  I have a set of videos on jazz tuba which teaches classical tuba players how to play Dixieland jazz.  It is very similar to Scott's videos for bass (search youtube for Lutemann). As far as how many bass player's can walk the bass over the standards, maybe one in 500.

  2. 02:08 can not see the left hand on fretts

  3. Man, he looks high as a kite in this video! Pure awesomeness right there! Thanks for posting, these videos are very helpful.

  4. In Clouds We Trust

    Dude You talk too much

  5. lol excuse my humor….good job mate, nice video!

  6. Why the gloves? What's wrong with corns?

  7. what model of bass is this?

  8. its not so much the negitivity, but its hard see his fingers with the gloves on

  9. "2 feel with root and 3rd" means exactly nothing to me, or any other beginner. And after watching you play it still means nothing.

  10. You call it a lesson but you never show or tell what string to play or what fret you are on. When you say D G C it would be most helpful if you also said " A string on the 5th fret" you know like in a lesson.

  11. Probably the only video where Scott (great bass player) is hammered by some drugs or alcohol )) Look, he is high!

  12. somehow it reminded me of "Smoke on the Water" bass line during guitar solo…

  13. I am going to try strumming guitar with woolen gloves lol

  14. why does he wear gloves?

  15. nice vibe

  16. DJ's Bass fundamentals

    Scott, you are good teacher when it comes to bass playing, you keep it so simple and easy.

  17. brand new bass player here. like literally dont even know any cords or anything so if someone could point me toward a good video to start off with to start learning would be very helpful 🙂

  18. thanx a lot, i am beginner and this is goooood!! i am a guitar player but i like learn to bass too <3

  19. I read that magnesium can help with your issue w/your hands.

  20. why the fuck is he wearing a snow glove?

  21. its kinda not beginner friendly your videos

  22. about 90% of the video he's just talking talking and talking
    look at my shiny head! look at my gloves! buy my lessons blah blah blah
    Is it that hard to record 30 sec stuff that would REALLY help?

  23. I am 63 years old and I have had guitars for many years but never been much good and the last couple of years I have had a Bass guitar. I can play lead guitar solos or instrumentals if they are slow enough but always been crap at chords. I started fiddling with the bass and found I could invent tons of bass lines that sound really cool. But when a friend asked me to play bass on some of his songs I didn't have a clue where or how to start. He plays with a capo on the 4th fret and doesn't know what chords he's playing. He knows the chord shape in the open position but not what it is with the capo. We play on an iPhone app so not in the same place or time. He can't be bothered working out what the chords are. How the heck do I start?

  24. Is it normal for a bassist to also play the piano/keyboard?

  25. I'm 25 yo, am I too old to start playing? It's a serious question. Everyone started playing in their teenage years and I'm turning 25 this year.

  26. Very nice, easy to understand,for a long time I been wanting to learn walking bass, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

  27. This is helpful, Thanks

  28. I subbed, great job mate!

  29. scott when will the backing track , be available for this lesson….

  30. Hey thank you very much! Great lesson, I also really dig the watch

  31. I just smiled from ear to ear and sounded all music smart. Sweet.

  32. This lesson is amazing. Thank you.

  33. Sounds so beautiful

  34. This guy is great but so long winded

  35. good teaching,with a dash of humour

  36. Has anyone said, "Corey Stoll" yet? 🙂

  37. is you high???

  38. Thanks for this 😀

  39. He doesn't offer a free backing track. It's a scam. 🙁 I think the creepy gloves were a dead give away, I should have known better.

  40. This is a great tutorial, for a more advanced progression it could be dm, g7, c, a7…. then occasionally shifting to dm, db7, c, eb or a7

  41. C major 251 is also Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 🙂

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